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    ButterflyStyle Guest

    Da Mascot

    Just to update everyone,

    I have a costume creator set to work on the costume and will keep further updates coming. And guess what, it's Rams Mascot FUNdraising time. Just kidding, while the thought of a fan funded costume would be great on my pocket book, I'm just kidding.
    I am going to make sure that not only is this costume something that everyone can get behind, but that will look good while doing it. I plan to make the Blue and Gold of the Rams stand out and be top notch.


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    moloch41 Guest

    Re: Da Mascot

    Will the mascot be a "Linehan-Friendly"? That is- will he be a FOSL? Because if he's not- he need not apply.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Da Mascot

    well good luck on all the work. im looking forward to seeing it.

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