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    Dan Patrick Let's Down His Hair with Steven Jackson

    This week's issue of ESPN Magazine's Outtakes-

    DP: Ever thought about doing what Albert Haynesworth did?
    SJ: Never. But I have teared up from being so frustrated.
    DP: You've been on the verge of crying?
    SJ: Yeah, I'm a crybaby. You train all week for a game. If things don't go your way, it's frustrating.
    DP: Have you ever gone back to the huddle with tears in your eyes?
    SJ: No. I can't say I've cried in the huddle.

    DP: What's the best conversation you've had in the huddle?
    SJ: Orlando Pace and I played the JumboTron game, where they shuffle a football under three helmets. We both were wrong, too.

    DP: You're from Vegas. Which is the best casino?
    SJ: The Palms. The Maloofs have created a fun atmosphere.
    DP: Does what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?
    SJ: No. What happens in Vegas is all over TV now. I have a hard time when I date.

    DP: Who has better hair, you or Troy Polamulu?
    SJ: Troy has the curly locks. They look a lot softer than mine.
    DP: When is the last time you got a haircut?
    SJ: Six years ago. My parents didn't like the long hair at first. Now they're against me cutting it.

    DP: Have you been inside the Gateway Arch?
    SJ: My rookie year. But I'm afraid of heights. I was scared to death. I couldn't enjoy the view.
    DP: Did you go up with your eyes closed?
    SJ: No. It was another teary moment, though. I wouldn't be good on Fear Factor.

    DP: Can you run faster backward than Marc Bulger can run forward?
    SJ: I think so. He has this Prince (the singer) kind of glide, and he spends too much time in the air.

    DP: Who's the best running back in the league?
    SJ: Me.
    DP: What makes you better than LaDainian Tomlinson, Shaun Alexander, and Larry Johnson?
    SJ: I can do everything those guys do, But I'm twice as big. People say I'm the only running back who could be a linebacker.

    DP: Favorite Outkast song?
    SJ: "Ms. Jackson". My mom got teased so much when it came out, but we've grown to love it.

    DP: Last movie you saw.
    SJ: I just got through "The Godfather" trilogy.
    DP: Who is the Godfather of the NFL?
    SJ: Morten Andersen.
    DP: You're just taking the oldest guy! All right, who's Michael?
    SJ: Reggie Bush.
    DP: And Sonny at the tollbooth?
    SJ: Albert Haynesworth.

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    Re: Dan Patrick Let's Down His Hair with Steven Jackson

    LOL funny interview....Bulger runs like Prince...LMAO

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    Re: Dan Patrick Let's Down His Hair with Steven Jackson

    Quote Originally Posted by RamFan_Til_I_Die View Post
    LOL funny interview....Bulger runs like Prince...LMAO
    That's just not right! I'd love to be there when Jackson explains that statement to his quarterback.

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    Re: Dan Patrick Let's Down His Hair with Steven Jackson

    Is he saying he has a linebacker mentality, or just size?

    I can just hear the trash talk on the field now... you gonna CRY for me now? C'mon, I just shut your *** down, lemme see you cry!

    But then agian, it would just motivate him more...


    GO RAMS!!


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