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    Day Two Observations

    The Rams fans never got the chance to see if Shonn Greene was their guy, since the Rams got traded over and he went first on day two.

    Did the Rams then pull a Linehan style panic move by taking little known Iowa cornerback Brad Fletcher?

    We'll never know, but I know the book on this guy is he works out like a first rounder, and while he plays hard and physical, his hips may be a bit too tight to play corner. However, I think the Rams see him as a nickel back, playing inside to support the run as well as cover.

    As usual, the Rams have a third rounder, a high one, that to me becomes the real key to judging the draft. To me, no matter what else, they get a B- just ofr the first two picks.

    Is Fletcher, no relation to any of the players with that name who were St. Louis natives, another Tom Knight, the former Hawkeye who was a first round pick of the Cardinals, or is he another Charles Godfrey, who starts for the Panthers af ter being drafted out of Iowa?

    Fletcher, who was behind Godfrey on the depth chart, only got his chance as a senior, so the risk is certainly there, though it was for the receivers the Rams could have chosen as well.

    Personally, I would have liked Giorgia TEch DE Michael Johnson there, as again, the lack of depth at that position left the Rams with no help in a key position.

    The Rams have some young cornerbacks already, but none are as physical as Fletcher, whose immediate impact will be as the "gunner" on punt coverage. He excelled doing it in college, and that IS a big need for the Rams, and has been for years.

    It's certainly not a pick that can be labelled a "reach", so in this case, we'll chalk it up as "Best player available".

    The cupboard was bare for the big space eating tackle the Rams needed, and could not find in free agency. So they really had to take the last big tackle on the board with any good grade at all, in Darell Scott.

    There seems to be a lot of controversy as to the spelling of his name ( Either way, wouldn't YOU use a nickname instead), and I used the one that appears to be correct according to Rams PR.

    While I worry about fourth rounders named Scott, based on past history here (See OG Travis), and impressive looking corners with not a lot of games under his belt as a starter (See Jacoby Shepherd),
    I'm still gonna take a wait and see on these two picks, at least till mini-camp.

    I studied this draft very seriously, as I have for 40 past ones as a draftnik (people thought I was nuts back in the 70s), and it was pretty clear that the solid talent was off the board early in the third, if not sooner.

    The question marks were greater, which is probably why teams tried to accumilate a lot of 4th through 7th rounders. The more picks the better chance you have to get lucky in what was a crap shoot.

    Not only did Oakland take guys that sent writers scurrying for draft guides early on day two, it was rampant among all teams, with Some trading UP to get a veritable unknown, even New England.

    The Rams finally added some "skill" guys, including a passer, Keith Null, who threw for over 5000 yards in college, including 598 in one game, with 7 TD. He says they threw "90% of the time" at WTAM, where he was coached for a bit by none other than Ryan Leaf, drafted when Billy Devaney was with the Chargers.
    "Funny how that worked out," said the Rams GM following the draft.

    Devaney spoke to reporters of his preference for James Laurenaitis over Rey Maualuga, and it was clear by his intimations that there was a very good reason the USC star dropped so far, though Devaney just called the Ohio State overachiever, "A better fit"

    One look at any major draft guide and you can see who the druggies are, at least the ones without first round talent. Their names sit out there like spotlights after most of the names on the top 100 have been crossed through. I guess guard Duke Robinson must be hanging out too much with uncle Smokey's band.

    I kind of like the last pick the Rams made. Texas running backs are usually solid, and he was the starter there last year, so he can't be a stiff. Another hard worker who will excell on special teams, something past regimes have neglected in draft strategy.

    Brooks Foster (Not the drunk from the old TV shows), was very highly regarded and suffered from being at NC with two first round caliber talents in Nicks and Tate. This year, Brooks got to play more with Tate out, and he showed a bit. He's also athletic enough to have played on the Tarheels basketball team, which is saying something.

    I actually like that pick, especially in round five because I've seen guys like this become solid pro starters.

    Never seen so many wide receivers and cornerbacks taken in one draft, going off the board in waves at points. There were 25 receivers at least taken before there were 10 RB. Guess that shows how the NFL is changed.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Day Two Observations

    good post!

    It's Jim not Chris

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