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    Dead Time of the Year Random Thoughts

    Here are a few things bouncing around in my head in this dead period before training camp begins:
    • Interesting thought... if the season started today, Sam Bradford would be healthy enough to play, while Mark Sanchez and, quite possibly, Jimmy Clausen, would not be.
    • I have a feeling that at the 11th hour, the Rams will go ahead and pay O.J. Atogwe the $7 million necessary to retain his services for 2010.
    • Its nice to hear Steven Jackson publicly endorsing Bradford. To think, there was a time when people questioned SJax's leadership.
    • Jacob Bell's surgery is no big deal. I should know... I've had the same procedure.
    • My early "upset" roster battle pick: Brooks Foster makes the team, while Keenan Burton does not.
    • To me, the real sleeper of the draft class is Hall Davis. I think he is just the right lump of clay for Spags to mould.
    • Its hard not to root for Brad Fletcher. From all indications, he has worked his posterior off to get back on the field.
    • Stop calling Bobby Carpenter "Barbie." Just stop it.
    • As much as I criticize the PD writers, they're nothing compared to the rotting septic tank known as the RamsTalk forum.
    • If I were ever going to write blog articles, I think I'd use a pseudonym. Something with some slightly hidden meaning. Maybe a shortened version of AvengerRam combined with a word that means falsity. I'm sure I could come up with something.
    • Those of you on the fence about coming to the Bash this year... I have a feeling that if you don't come, you'll regret it. Maybe not now, but soon, and for the rest of your life.
    • My slogan for the 2010 Rams: "Every Sunday is Any Given Sunday."

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    Re: Dead Time of the Year Random Thoughts

    I agree with Foster over Burton. I really don't see it as huge upset with Burton always injured and not doing anything spectacular when on the field.

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    Re: Dead Time of the Year Random Thoughts

    I could see Foster making the team over Burton, mainly because Foster presents a different match-up challenge than others. We've got other guys with decent hands. We've got guys with some elusiveness. I don't know that we have a lot of other receivers with the strength to push linebackers around. He'll need to show consistency on the field if he wants the spot, though.

    I'm pulling for Fletcher, too. He looked promising when he had a chance to play last year, and we can only hope that he bounces back quickly.

    Totally agree on Carpenter. He deserves a fresh start here.

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