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    Deadline for Jackson is tommorow not Friday

    MEQUON, Wis. Barring what would be a totally unexpected appearance by Steven Jackson today at Rams training camp, the running back's continuing holdout will cost him a year of NFL seniority toward free agency.

    Under a league rule, players under contract must report at least 30 days before the first regular season game or lose what's called an accrued season of seniority.

    The Post-Dispatch originally reported last week that the deadline for Jackson to report would be Aug. 8 this Friday or 30 days before the Rams' season opener at Philadelphia, on Sept. 7.

    But after further checking with the NFL office, the deadline to report is 30 days before the overall start of the NFL season. Because the Washington Redskins and New York Giants open the season on Sept. 4, a Thursday, the deadline for Jackson to report without losing credit is 30 days before that contest today.

    Jackson already has four years of NFL experience, which normally is the minimum seniority necessary to be eligible for unrestricted free agency. But if club owners void the current collective bargaining agreement, as is possible this fall, players would then need six years seniority to be eligible for free agency after the 2009 season.

    If that's the case, the following doomsday situation could develop for Jackson:

    With no contract extension, Jackson plays out 2008 under the final year of his current deal.

    In 2009, he is given the franchise tag by the Rams.

    With only five years seniority in 2010, Jackson becomes a restricted free agent, and the Rams have matching rights on any outside offers he might receive from other teams.

    Granted, those are a lot of "ifs" all based on what appears to be the still unlikely possibility that the labor agreement is voided. Even so, Jackson at least potentially exposes himself to those risks by not reporting today.

    But sources close to Jackson and his agent, Eugene Parker, say Jackson realized those potential consequences when deciding not to report to camp, and is prepared to deal with them if they arise.

    Jackson missed his 11th day of camp Monday, encompassing 15 practices. With a fine of $15,166 for every day he misses, Jackson now is out $166,826.

    Multiple sources confirmed Monday that there have been no negotiations between the Rams and Jackson's agent (Parker) since July 25 the first day of training camp at Concordia University Wisconsin.

    On that day, Parker informed the Rams that Jackson would not attend camp without a contract extension. The Rams countered by informing Parker that they would hold no further contract negotiations until Jackson reported to camp.

    The stalemate is closing in on two weeks, with neither side flinching. Jackson has been in steady contact with several teammates as well as some Rams coaches through text messaging. He has the team's daily practice scripts, so he can follow at least mentally with what the Rams are doing each day.

    But by Sunday, the Rams will be only four weeks away from the regular-season opener.

    Jackson appears to be getting close to a point at which a continued holdout would impair his ability to be ready for Philadelphia.

    "I would love to have him here," coach Scott Linehan said Monday. "But I also know that he's doing what it's going to take to be prepared when he does come. He has a great grasp of what we're doing. And we want him with his mind totally focused on what we need to do this season when he gets here. That day's going to be soon. I've never put a date on it."

    Linehan said he might be more concerned if it were a rookie missing extended camp time, or someone who was totally unfamiliar with the system.

    Even though the Rams have a new offense under coordinator Al Saunders, Jackson was exposed to it in 2004 and '05 under Mike Martz, and he did participate in the offseason program and organized team activities this spring.

    Linehan says he has yet to reach the stage where he's upset at Jackson's absence.

    "Not at all," Linehan said. "It's not a perfect world. ... This is a part of the game. And it's going to happen to our team again. And other teams again.

    "What you've got to do is figure out a resolution to it. There is a resolution. We haven't come to it. But it'll be resolved and Steven will be a Ram for probably the rest of his career."

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    Re: Deadline for Jackson is tommorow not Friday

    Who keeps feeding Losehan all the valium? Seriously, can someone look into this, cause the only thing worrying me more then S-Jax not being at camp is Losehan acting as if we are the colts and don't need our best players to show up in order for us to win.

    Was he not there last season as we were humiliated time and again?... This is my problem with SL as a head coach... no emotion. Head Coaches lead teams with emotion, especially when they can't actually caoch.

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    Re: Deadline for Jackson is tommorow not Friday

    Looking more and more like he's going to miss that deadline. I partially understand what all that means, and it will be very interesting in the upcoming years.

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    Re: Deadline for Jackson is tommorow not Friday

    Well lets think about it this way. If Jackson REALLY wanted to a new contract. He would show up to camp. Just to negotiate, not necessarily participate.

    He needs to be here if he doesn't want to get screwed out of his money. If we need to give him money, I think he is the guy to do it for. I hope this gets figured out, because we NEED him on the squad.

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