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    Defense is carrying the Rams

    Currently, and who would even have considered this, the defense is carrying this football team. From containing McNabb, shutting down Owens, eliminating Lamar Smith, shutting out Detroit, and really getting tough against a very good Giants team, this D has earned all respect.

    It is always easier to assemble a defense than it is an offense, and the front office has put together a great defense. What is the beauty of all this are the Don Davis, Tyoka Jackson, and Bryan Young types of acquisitions. Chidi Ahanotu has played unexpectedly well this season, and Young just came in and took a roster spot. Archuleta really showed me something with the hit that caused the fumble or INT, game ending turnover whichever it was (I can't spell Juravicus sp).

    The offense has struggled, really weird game today against the Giants. Quite a bit of dropped balls; Holt across the middle in the first quarter, Faulk dropping the screen pass in front of a wide open end zone. With this type of effort last season from the offense, the Rams would have lost. However, our defense came through again and are carrying this team. And I bet if you asked any of them, they would say that "It ain't heavy."

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    Tex .... your right ... the D definately won this game today ..... was it just me or was Warner .... throwing some real lame Ducks today .... half the inc ... were underthrown balls that Warner normally puts right in the numbers ? .... even the 2? picks were underthrown ones ? ... missed Holt on an easy TD bomb ?underthrown again?
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    Yea! the defense carryed our rams to this win no doubt!

    The offense way to many mistakes all over the field. It looked like they were in a daze
    most of the game.

    Faulk ! I wonder if something was wrong with him the past two weeks the way they the Rams are taking to the air. Mabie his inj. will hill fast hes a good man. Now we get to see
    if Canidate can take over.

    The Rams had at least three shots for tds. all droped balls or over thrown or under thrown. Thats football anyway! this is going to happen.

    I didnt care for the mistakes but we won that battle with our defense.

    It also looked like alot of the Giants left the field hurt!

    Out here in CT. Fassel is complaining about interference call allready! He should just
    look at the film, it shows up plain as day.

    I do believe that our Defense will keep us where we need to be! in scoreing distance
    to win any game when we are in a tight game like this one.

    Game ball Rams Defense!

    5@0 It wasnt pritty but it was a win@ a win against last years
    confrense champ!

    Canidate has to step up and show his stuff!

    GO! RAMS!!!!!!!!!!

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