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    Defense is lacking something

    We don't have ANY intensity on defense, we are absolutely missing. Look at top defenses. They have a player or two like that.

    Brian Dawkins
    Takeo Spikes

    Troy Polomalu
    James Farrior

    Brian Urlacher
    Tommie Harris
    Mike Brown (When Healthy)
    Lance Briggs

    San Diego:
    Shawn Merriman
    Shaun Philips

    John Henderson
    Mike Peterson

    Green Bay:
    Nick Barnett
    AJ Hawk

    EJ Henderson
    Darren Sharper

    DeMarcus Ware
    Roy Williams

    We don't have ONE Player like that, and I say it every year, it hurts us, we aren't ever pumped with intensitiy and adrenaline like those teams and players, our team has no intensity whatsover.

    Most of the teams in the NFL play like Rock Stars, they're crazy with adrenaline and intensity and are hyped after every play.

    Our team plays like accountants, never get excited, laid back and boring.

    Its lacking terribely.

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    Re: Defense is lacking something

    Have you heard of a player called Len Little?

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    Re: Defense is lacking something

    I'd just like to point out it's still only week one.

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