I think that going into the season, a number of us felt that the play of the defensive line was a major issue for the squad. would lewis and pickett step up. would fisher et al replace wistrom.

What was NOT really at issue was the "given" that little would be a destructive force playing at a pro bowl level.

I think there is some misinterpretation of my comments regarding little, same as my comments on grant williams. While i am not saying that little has been terrible, i dont think i am being too harsh at all when i say that he has not played anywhere near a pro bowl level and that his ability to do so is a critical component to our defense.

i think bryce fisher has been as good as wistrom, we have not lost one game based on the difference between those two guys. I think that lewis has improved dramatically and pickett has been ok.

Little has not been outstanding, and that is what he is paid to do and that is his role in our defense. If we had thought that little was going to play at this level, especially with the injury to travis fisher, we would have all known we were going to have even bigger problems than we feared on defense.

general counsel