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    Sam The Ram Man Guest

    Question Defensive SHUTOUTS

    Anyone think the Rams D will post a shutout this coming season ??

    I think with the Explosive O that we have, It will always be hard to close a team down.


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    wscramfan Guest


    I agree Sam our offense can score so quickly it will be hard for the defense to shut a team out after being on the field as long as they usually are.

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    Good point, is it time to start pounding the yards out with robert H
    in the second hakf when we have the lead ( which we didn't have as often last year) I think we nead teams to be scared of us likr they were in the superbowl year, where we were scoring 21 points in the first quarter, then the defense might be able to get a grip on the oposiing "O":cool:

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    I don't know if RobertH is a RB for the tough yards , I think we will miss Justin Watson if he's cut , and I have to say the the swoppping of nomenclature makes me suspicious that his days as a Ram are numbered.

    I think our O line is develpoing into a quality unit and will dominate the line of scrimmage allowing whoever is at RB to gain yards. I guess Mr Canidate will be first change at RB and Holcombe will get limited action as before


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