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    moloch41 Guest

    Defensive Stat

    A poster on here made the claim that the Rams led the league in forcing 3 and Out situations on defense, but when I asked him to verify that claim, he didn't have an answer. I've searched,,, MSNBCsports, and even did Google and Yahoo searches on the subject and found no organization that keeps such a stat. Is anyone aware of a site where that information can be found if it is even a stat that exists at all? Thanks in advance.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Defensive Stat

    Doesn't sound right. After week 8, only ONE team in the NFC had given up more Rushing yards and we were giving up over 4 Yards per carry.

    Doesn't sound like 3 and out material to me.

    We still have probs on Def

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