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    Desperate Teams are Dangerous!

    Teams like the Rams, the ones that are completely down on their luck and desperate, are potentially the most dangerous teams around. When you have nothing to lose, maybe, and hopefully you take chances. You bend the play book, you try something different. Maybe you upset one of the better NFC teams when they are probably looking at this as a walk in the park.

    I only hope that Linehan is smart enough to realize the err of his ways and know that it is time to do something different. Not too much passing (Niners game), not too much running (Tampa game), but something balanced. Spread the field and stop being so damn predictable. Unfortunately, I get the impression that Linehan is a moron and is so stubborn that he doesn't see his deficiencies..

    However, it shouldn't rule out that this now desperate team could be dangerous once again. We just need Linehan to capitalize on this.

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    Re: Desperate Teams are Dangerous!

    Then again.. having the exact same gameplan will be the last thing the Cowboys expect.

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