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    With Devaney in place, St. Louis Rams head coaching job is more attractive

    By Bernie Miklasz
    Saturday, Dec. 27 2008

    Now that Billy Devaney is running the football side, the Rams are in stronger
    position to attract a promising head coach.

    Though the Rams have a lot of work to do to reach respectability, the job
    figures to be more appealing now. Devaney is a respected football man with a
    good reputation around the NFL. He works well with others and is sincere in his
    desire to do whatever he can to help the new coach succeed.

    The Rams would have been a tough sell with Jay Zygmunt and John Shaw in charge.
    Candidates wouldn't have trusted the organizational setup, which was confusing
    to insiders and outsiders alike. In the previous Zygmunt-Shaw arrangement, an
    interested coach would come to the interview process with a bunch of questions:
    Who is the boss? Who does the coach answer to? How can a coach survive the
    hazardous politics at Rams Park? The job would have carried the stench of

    Chip Rosenbloom cleared the foul air with his promotion of Devaney. Rosenbloom
    sent the signal that he's determined to do things differently. Being the Rams'
    head coach is no longer an automatic dead-end career move. There's clarity.
    There's daylight. And there's hope.
    Devaney's appointment to GM was endorsed by his former boss, Atlanta Falcons
    owner Arthur Blank. In an interview with our town's Howard Balzer on Sirius
    satellite radio, Blank said: "Let me put it this way, I'm thrilled for the
    Rams. I'm thrilled for Billy on a personal level but that has really nothing to
    do with whether or not he's competent. I'm thrilled for the Rams because I
    think they made a great choice. I think this is somebody that's a great talent
    evaluator ... his strength is really being able to build a roster. He's a very
    good communicator. He's a very clear thinker and I think that the Rams will be
    very fortunate to have him in that position for a long period of time."

    Speaking of Balzer, a belated congrats on his recent marriage to Bernie
    Tibbitts. And as Balzer jokes, there's no truth to the rumor that Marc Bulger
    was best man. ... Congrats to the Rams' talented young media-relations intern,
    Jerome Hubbard, who has been hired as a media relations assistant by baseball's
    Chicago White Sox.

    ... Kathy Hewitt, wife of longtime Rams equipment manager Todd Hewitt, has
    opened the West Coast Salon and Spa, a full-service facility on Holloway Road
    in Ballwin. Todd Hewitt quips, "I'm the towel boy." ... Update on two Mizzou
    rookies in the NFL: KC Chiefs wide receiver Will Franklin (Vashon High) has
    seven catches for 83 yards. Cleveland Browns tight end Martin Rucker has
    appeared in one game, with one catch.

    The Rams' decision to make Donnie Avery the first wide receiver picked in the
    2008 draft has turned out well. Avery ranks third among NFL rookie wideouts in
    catches (48) and receiving yards (634), trailing only Denver's Eddie Royal and
    Philadelphia's DeSean Jackson in both categories. But here's the difference:
    Royal and Jackson were given the chance to start right away; Avery didn't enter
    the starting lineup for good until Oct. 19. And those guys play on better
    teams. And Avery seems to be a really terrific young man. One reader e-mailed
    to tell me Avery walked over to around 50 fans as he left the field following
    Sunday's loss to shake their hands and wish them a Merry Christmas.

    Retired Rams running back Marshall Faulk tried to knock down Chris Mortensen's
    report on ESPN after Mortensen said Faulk wanted to be the Rams' next head
    coach. But Faulk didn't shoot it down 100 percent, saying the only way it would
    work is if he could hire strong coordinators for the offense and defense. Faulk
    told me that his long-range interest is in becoming a meaningful contributor in
    the Rams' front office, and that he's willing to pay his dues by learning the
    ins and outs of scouting and personnel evaluation.

    Friday at Rams Park, Torry Holt had this to say about his former teammate's
    head-coaching profile: "If that was to happen, a lot of guys on that team and
    in that organization would be in for a rude awakening. I think they would be
    totally shocked with his level of intensity and the pressure he puts on you to
    be excellent every day. It would be a challenge, but I think it would be a good
    thing. It would surprise a lot of people."

    By the way, with the Rams closing the season Sunday in Atlanta, I hope this
    isn't Holt's last game as a Ram. He could still be valuable if utilized
    properly. He wasn't used correctly this season.

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    Re: With Devaney in place, St. Louis Rams head coaching job is more attractive

    Nice to hear all that. I love the Idea of Faulk in the Dome, and Tory staying another year. I sure wish we could get Bruce back.

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    Re: With Devaney in place, St. Louis Rams head coaching job is more attractive

    Bring back Faulk.

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