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    Devaney on Sirius Radio Last Night

    “The End Zone” on SIRIUS NFL Radio, hosts Ross Tucker and Pat Kirwan spoke with St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney about the team's hiring of former NY Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo as the Rams new head coach.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and NFL Network reported earlier today that Spagnuolo agreed to a four year contract worth nearly $12 million.

    Host, Pat Kirwan: “Fill our listeners in on what your coaching situation is.”

    Billy Devaney: “I think, barring something unforeseen, I think it’s going to work out with Spags. We’re right down to the eleventh hour and just dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s and I, god willing, I think in the next couple of hours we’ll have a deal worked out with Steve Spagnuolo to be the next head coach.”

    Kirwan: “You had a lot of good candidates. I thought the world of Leslie Frazier and he would have been a fine head coach. I know Spags and I know you and I can say this with complete certainty, that the two of you are going to make a heck of a team. When you interview him with your eye on him that ‘he might be my head coach’ I know you felt like there’s chemistry there and you can turn this around together.”

    Devaney: “Right. Shoot, Pat, you’ve been in this thing. That’s kind of what it comes down to as much as anything. All four guys that we kind of narrowed it down to - Rex Ryan, Spags, Leslie Frazier and Jason Garrett – every one of them are going to be outstanding head coaches in the NFL. There’s no doubt in my mind. What it usually and what it should come down to is, at the end of the day, whether it’s me or whoever’s in that position, whoever the personnel guy is, they have to be joined at the hip with the head coach and be on the same page philosophically, how to put a team together, the vision for the team. You know how many hours [are] spent between those two guys. And the relationship that I’ve had with Spags over the years going back to, I wanna say, the late 80’s and we were in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Charlie Casserly hired Spags as an intern out of Springfield College. You could tell right then the guy, he had special qualities about him and he and I hit it off way back then and we always thought it would be neat if we got in a position to work together and be able to put a team together would be special. That was kind of the tipping scale. And, like you said, Frazier is going to be outstanding. Gosh, he’s not going to be good, he’s going to be outstanding. It just got back to, I’ve known Spags for a long time and I just felt that working with him right now, the way he and I think, the way we think, I think it gives us a chance to get this thing going.”

    Host, Ross Tucker: “How did it all work out down in the last 24 hours?”

    Devaney: “Well, not to bore you with all the gory details but there’s always a lot of moving parts to this thing. You don’t want the music to stop and you’re left standing without a chair. Like I said, there’s a lot of these candidates that we would have been comfortable with but it was just at the point for us that, are you willing to wait for the playoffs to be over? Is it worth moving ahead right now and getting a guy that can get a deal done and you have that in place? We brought Jason [Garrett] in. He was in Los Angeles last week for final interviews and he raised the point, he said, ‘If we’re going to go forward with this, I’d be curious, I don’t know much about St. Louis [and] would it be ok to come in and see the facilities and just get a feel for things?’ And we thought, ‘Absolutely, that makes a lot of sense.’ That’s why we brought him in last night. Things were still in the balance. We weren’t sure how this thing was gonna play out. Spags had some options as of yesterday, and, you know, if we didn’t nail this thing down with Spags yesterday or today then we may have been in a position to move on Jason Garrett. So there’s a timing thing to this. There are moving parts constantly. It changes daily. What team is interested? What jobs are opening? There was a new job [that] opened up yesterday for a short time and we thought, ‘Oh god, does that change our thinking? Should we accelerate the process?’ So, it’s a really interesting thing to go through. Knock on wood, I hope we don’t have to go through this now for some time to come.”

    Ross Tucker: “It seemed like the guys liked [Jim] Haslett. How tough was that for you to tell Haslett and the guys that they were out of the running?”

    Devaney: “Oh, shoot, Ross. Unbelievably tough. Haslett - and let me put another guy’s name out there, too - Haslett and Fassel – actually his name wasn’t kind of out there - but Jim Fassel, absolutely, should be coaching in the NFL as a head coach. And Haslett I hope like hell gets another shot to coach in the NFL. He took over just an impossible, walked into an impossible situation. The team was down. The building was down. We got off to two quick wins but then kind of reality set in and all our warts eventually showed up. But Jim Haslett did an unbelievable job trying to hold this thing together. He gave the locker room life. The players – you know, who cares if the players like the guy, whether they like the head coach – they absolutely respected Haslett. And I think that’s what that petition was. It wasn’t like, ‘Boy, this guy’s our buddy and we really like playing for this guy.’ It was more like, ‘We respect the job this guy did walking into such a lousy situation.’ It was just one of those things, there were so many things working against Jim that he had no control over and there was nothing he could do walking into that type of situation. It’s like anything – it’s the right fit, the right person at the right time. I hope like heck somebody looks at Haslett as a head coach because they’ll be getting a hell of a guy.”

    Pat Kirwan: “Is he on a plane? Is he in St. Louis? Where is Steve Spagnuolo?”

    Devaney: “No, Spags is, I don’t know, somewhere up in New Jersey just getting his stuff together. We talked this morning about names and I said, ‘Spags, at this point don’t worry about all the little stuff. Everything will take care of itself. Right now we’ve gotta throw everything into putting the staff together.’ And he understood that so that’s where all his energies are channeled right now, talking to guys and setting up potential interviews.”

    Ross Tucker: “Do you know yet when you’ll have a press conference to introduce him to the St. Louis media?”

    Devaney: “I’m guessing if everything goes according to plan and it’s smooth, there aren’t any hitches, probably Monday morning.”

    “The End Zone” airs Saturdays exclusively on SIRIUS NFL Radio. SIRIUS channel 124 and on XM channel 124 with the "Best of SIRIUS" programming package.

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    Re: Devaney on Sirius Radio Last Night

    Our new head coach is a monster, and has the fire to turn things around. Our GM is positive, and pursues the things to make a great franchise. Both of these guys get along really good and I couldnt think of a better situation that I would want the team to be in than this.

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    Re: Devaney on Sirius Radio Last Night

    This for me is exactly what this team needed A GM & HC with the same philosophies working together to put together a winning tradition. Now lets put all the pieces in place on the field to bring a total transformation for what will hopefully be a long & winning tenure by these two.

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    Re: Devaney on Sirius Radio Last Night

    A nice step in the opposite direction we've been traveling !!!

    Maineram -

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    Re: Devaney on Sirius Radio Last Night

    well done Billy, great to have you as GM

    "The breakfast Club"

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    Re: Devaney on Sirius Radio Last Night

    A GM and coach that enjoy working together and have a strong personal relationship. What an extreme change in philosophy from the past.

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    Re: Devaney on Sirius Radio Last Night

    Way to go Devaney! I see this hire as rivaling those of George Allen and Chuck Knox in the impact it's likely to have on this organization. We have now taken a step towards becoming a first-class NFL franchise. I hope the ownership situation after this year doesn't derail everything.

    Is the 2009 season ready to start now?

    Go Rams!

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