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    Devaney's "help" with the search....per BM

    Bobby Beathard and Lawrence McCutcheon are assisting Billy D on the coaching search...making calls around the league, trying to find some hidden gems, and they'll apparently be part of the screening / interview process.

    Also, as part of the search, Devaney is consulting with Marshall Faulk and Dan Dierdorf. Using them as a sounding board.

    I am sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. Was unable to get to my laptop today until late.

    Beathard? McCutcheon? Faulk? Dierdorf?

    A) I'm glad he's reaching out to get ideas and assistance.

    B) He could do a lot worse than those 4. Know what I mean?
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    Re: Devaney's "help" with the search....per BM

    Hard to believe guys of that caliber will help Haslett's campaign.

    Makes me feel better after the smell of BM's first BM of the day.

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    Re: Devaney's "help" with the search....per BM

    Devaney is a smart person. One person cant decide whats best for a team organization and for a city. Shaw and zygmut wouldve made this look like the cardinals offseason. Patiently waiting for nothing. while they dont talk about it.
    I can't wait to see who devaney picks because i think he will make the right decision.

    Steve Jackson is a damn beast

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    Re: Devaney's "help" with the search....per BM

    Well, that seems like Faulk isn't being considered for the coaching spot, however, could this be his way of coming back into the front office? I'd love to see him back in some capacity, like a player evaluator or quality guy to start and see just what he can do for the Rams. This certainly seems like a good start to me.

    Help him pick a good on Marshall!

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