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    Did anyone notice....

    The overload on the right side of the offensive line during short yardage situations?

    Pace was lining up on the outside of Rex Tucker on the right side with two down lineman on the left.

    We did it twice that I know of.

    The 4th and 1 with Manu getting the ball and going over the LEFT side.

    The two point conversion attempt with Jackson getting the ball and going to the RIGHT side.

    Both plays looked strange in design and were not very effective.

    Has anyone ever seen this line formation in the past? I do not recall ever seeing this before.

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    Re: Did anyone notice....

    I never even noticed it Ferter...Something new we are trying or an attempt to correct an in game flaw???

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    Re: Did anyone notice....

    I have another did anyone notice? There's something I'll have to give credit to the whiners and that was how they hit the Rams at crucial times. Curtis got popped in the endzone. No way does he hang on to that ball.


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