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Thread: Did anyone notice?

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    Did anyone notice?

    Did anyone notice that Laurinaitis did not lead the team in tackles for the first time since he was drafted. Granted only one behind Ogletree but that is a really good sign for Alec.

    Not only was Quinn the second in the league in forced fumbles but Ogletree was 3. They were first and second in the NFC. Ogletree was also the 9 in the league in solo tackles.

    While Quinn only got beat out by half a sack he had 20 more sack for loss yards. We are the only team with two defensive ends with a fumble recovery to a touchdown.

    Now while this wasn't the best year for running backs in general it is nice to see Zac stacy in the top 15 when he wasn't a starter from day one. Not to mention his 7 touchdowns which Jackson hadn't done since 2008 and has only gone over 7 three times in his career.

    Look who I found side by side in yardage

    35 Sam Bradford, QB STL 159 262 60.7 1,687 6.44 73 14 4 15 90.9 241
    36 Kellen Clemens, QB STL 142 242 58.7 1,673 6.91 81 8 7 21 78.8 167

    Granted Clemens played in more games but to me it looks like Bradford is the winner here just because of the td to int ratio. I think Bradford stats could be better than that had he not got injured. His qb rating and completion percentage were trending upwards before the injury.

    After watching this season and looking at our future I can't wait to see what the Rams do next.

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    Re: Did anyone notice?

    I saw that Ogletree lead us in sacks. I can't wait to see how he'll be with a year or two to develop.

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    Re: Did anyone notice?

    Didn't realize Ogletree led in tackles. He will have a bright future in this league. We have a lot of nice, young talent on this team. I'm excited for next year.
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    Re: Did anyone notice?

    Yeah I noticed that and was talking with a buddy about it after the last game. It's the main reason why I believed the Ogre Tree would win the team award for rookie of the year... but Zac Stacy kept running like a beast and won the team votes i guess.

    Kudos to both. happy with both picks.

    As for Ogletree leading in sacks, I think ChucknBob, you may be talking about just the linebackers... as in he led the Rams linebackers in sacks?

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