I voted no.

I really don't see that what was said was sufficiently inspiring to motivate a team of 55 professional football players to put in any greater effort than that which they would in any case. You can say that there might have been one possibly two players that may or may not have perked up, but I always tend to think that bawling out people in public isn't constructive.

It's more for some of the fans than anything else, who, because they aren't on the inside of the situation, think that a loss signifies a lack of effort rather than the other team just being better on the day.

We won those games because the offensive line as a whole performed at a much higher level than it had done over the mid-point of the season. The defence stepped it up a notch in terms of the run D and Linehan became more comfortable with turning the keys to his offence over to his assistants. We looked a more balanced accomplished team over the last 3 weeks. You can only beat who's put in front of you and none of them were patsies.

Not because Bulger bawled out Barron on national TV.

It isn't always necessary to shout and bawl to demonstrate leadership. What some of us may want to hear may not be what's best for the team. I'd prefer it if they kept these things in-house and dealt with them in an informed and professional manner.