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    Did this really just happen?

    Did the Rams really have some of the greatest teams in history not win a world championship. Was it really because of stupidity and ego. Did the Rams really commit the biggest waste of talent ever seen on this globe? Was I really the only one who saw him as a threat to his own creation in 2000? Was my website boycotted by Rams fans because I supported a petition to fire Martz in 2000? Was our coach really so out of touch that he threw downfield at 7 and 8 defensive backs when the opponent was daring the Rams to Run the best player in the league? Did it take a guy blowing up a couple of buildings combined with the stupidest coaching the superbowl has ever seen to barely beat us by 3 points? Did we really cut a two time MVP? Did we really score over 500 points 3 straight years? Did our coach really forget to get the team prepared for the season after we lost the superbowl? Did we really waste a 1st round draft pick on a talent we didn't need and was projected to go in the 3rd? Did we really have a head coach that thought turnovers were unimportant? Did we just lose to the Arizona Freaking Cardinals? Did we really fail to win the worst division in the worst conference when 8 - 8 would have won it? Did all the shat really happen or is this just a bad faulking nightmare?

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    Re: Did this really just happen?

    Yeah, we'll all wake up and find out we were in the shower all this time.. lol

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    Re: Did this really just happen?

    Good because I would hate to think that all this crap really happened.

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