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    Did we win the game against the JETS?

    I've been reading all the negativity contained in many of the threads about our RAMS. Although our team isn't close to playing the perfect game I don't think there's a team in the NFL past or present that has ever played the perfect game. Even teams that have had the perfect season (DOLPHINS, PATRIOTS) never played the perfect game. There are always areas to improve no matter the final score of a game.

    All I can say is thank goodness we won!

    GO RAMS!!! I've got your back.

    Spags 1-0

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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    It WAS nice to see Spags win in his old stadium, even if it was preseason. We obviously did something right for 60 minutes.

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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    yea it was a deffentiely a step foward. the preseason doesnt and wont ever reveal much beacuse players dont go all out and starters dont play long enough. it was great to get our team up to game time speed and our rookies did great espicially laurnitis

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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    I don't think there's any real Rams fan out there that are not happy that the Rams won their first preseason game under the new regime. But it really doesn't mean a darn thing other than they were competitive out of the gate against another NFL team that was also having their first game.

    It's not being pessimistic to comment on the negative things that went on in the game, it's just an observation. It has nothing to do with playing a perfect game. It's about things we see as fans, both good and bad, that we comment on. Or at least that's what I do. If we know the 2008 Rams were weak against the run, (and they were) and we see some improvement in the first preseason game, we're optimistic about what we see, and comment on it. If we know the Rams had great difficulty in 2008 putting pressure on the QB, we watch to see if there's any improvement in each preseason game. If not, like the Jet's game, we observe that, and comment on it.

    As little as the first team plays in preseason games, it's nearly impossible to really get a feel for how a team should fare in the regular season. We see them for less than a quarter in the first game, a little more in the second, and as much as a half in the third. The fourth pre-season game is strictly for determining the last cuts, and the regular first team hardly plays at all. So, all in all, the first team O & D plays about a full game in four weeks, against different opponents. Add to that, preseason offense is always vanilla, and first team players are probably more worried about not getting injured than getting a first down. So what do we really see, and what can we really tell about the preseason? ...and what does winning a practice game really mean? If winning the preseason was really a forecast into the regular season, the Raiders would be champs every year. Instead, they're the worst team in a six-year span of any team in NFL history, despite a winning preseason record.

    In fact, if you go back before last season and look at the division winners for the prior three-year period it's clear that winning in the preseason isn't very significant. There were 24 division winners in those three years and the number of those teams that had a winning record in the preseason was.... 4.

    So, we should all enjoy the win. But when I hear people comment about a new coach getting his first win or how "he's teaching his team how to win" or "that kind of effort is going to change the culture in the locker room," I would warn them to put it all in perspective. It doesn't mean a thing.


    Let's see how the Rams respond to the new coach after a few setbacks, when the going gets really tough. Don't forget how great the Rams looked two games into the Haslett era. Wins against the Skins and Boys made the Rams look like giant killers and the Rams had a "new attitude", and "Haslett is teaching them how to win." ...Then a disheartening loss to the Patriots was followed by four blowout loses to the Cards, Jets, Whiners and Bears and the Rams and Haslett were done. I'm pretty sure the 2009 Rams won't follow that trend, but the opening 8 games are going to be tough, and a winning record will be extremely difficult. Let's see how the team responds to the new attitude and new coaching staff then. If they're still fighting and competitive to the end, then we'll know this team is getting healthy and better days lie ahead.

    So, while I enjoyed watching the team get a "W" on Friday night, and winning it was far more satisfying than say, a blowout loss, I'm putting the win in perspective. What it boiled down to really was; A lot of our players that won't even be on the roster in four weeks beat their team of players that won't be on their roster in four weeks.
    It's not a relocation, it's a restoration


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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    It was great to see a competitive side to the Rams we haven't seen in a while. I was pumped to see the Rams win, regardless if the win was in the preseason. When Chris Chamberlain laid the hit on their receiver which left him on the ground, it just showed how the new regime has begun. I was thinking to myself, " Man last year that would of been us taking the hit". This pre-season should set the tempo for the upcoming season. The way I see it, a "W" is a "W".

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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    Must keep things in perspective, I was glad to see a win. It was more important to the Rams to get a win than the Jets. We must brake this cycle of losing. The Jets no they can get it done.

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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    The fact that also has to be remembered is this isnt the same Jets team that started strong and then tailed off last year. This isnt the same Jets team that had the sorry old Brett Favre at QB. And this isnt the same Jets team that trounced us last season.

    They are a better Jets team. They didnt really lose any weapons, and they got significantly better on defence. In fact ive heard people saying that the Jets defence will be in the top 5 this year.

    Yes they were missing starters on the OL and DL, but we were missing some too. Rex Ryan also surprised us by coming out blitzing. But the thing we have to see here is that despite having a lot of changes this season, such as new coaching staff, new offensive and defensive schemes, and new players, the Rams still came out, competed, and beat a team that is meant to be a lot better than we are supposed to be.

    And we did it away from home too.

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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    Not much to reply to here. As starters we lost. But im sure we did not

    show every play in the book either. Blitz packs were all but none and on the

    O we showed very little.. As much as people think im negative about the

    team, I see great things in the future of the Rams. Just not today.

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    Re: Did we win the game against the JETS?

    I can think of two Rams games that came as close to perfect as I've seen.

    1. The Rams 59-0 drubbing of the Falcons in the mid-70s (if you purposely tone it down halfway through, it doesn't ruin the perfection).

    2. The Rams '79 victory of the Seahawks 24-0. I believe the team set a record for greatest defensive show ever, holding the 'hawks to -8 yards total offense! Haden during his stellar performance, but Ferragamo picked up where Haden left and led the Rams to their first Super Bowl!

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