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    Not in the Rams, I felt they did the best with what they had infact I felt they sometimes played better than what they were really capable of. It would be easy to blame Shurmer and I've been guilty of that. But I'm disappointed of some of the so called fans that call themselves Rams fans. This Rams team went from 1-15 to 7-9. That's a 6 game improvement. We can blame Shurmer but the truth is we just don't have the receiver threat plain and simple. I understand a lot of you are still on a GSOT hangover, but it's time to get over that this is a different team.

    One thing we know is we have a great base on D, with a few little additions, and the system that Spag has we'll be all that much better on
    D. Bradford is amazing for what he did with what little help he had. Steven did great especially with the fact that teams stacked the box against him. If we had a plakymaker It would be impossible for teams to stack the box, because of the playmaking ability of the receiver.

    We have a middle of the pack D that with a better offense would better than they are. On offense what we really need is a backup back and a couple of playmaker receivers.

    Some of the threads and responses I've read are inexcusable or a fan of a team that's made such a great improvement. The Seahawks were more prepared and hungrier, and there wasn't much the Rams could do because of the lack of Receiver threat. I hope that it was more venting than anything else cause some of you Ram fans are embarrasing.

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    Re: Disappointed.........

    Every fan is different and reacts differently. My dad likes the Eagles. When they lose, they are all scumbags and worthless. When they win, they are all future hall-of-famers. My mom is a Cowboys fan. To her, every Cowboy out there is trying his best and win or lose they played great. I don't think one of my parents in necessarily a better fan than the other because they react differently. All of us, as fans, want our team to win every time they take the field. The Rams did not do that tonight. Therefore, there will be a reaction, and some of it will be negative. That does not mean, however, that the negative reacting group of fans are somehow not as good of fans as the ones who were chipper after the loss.

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