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    Disappointed... Frustrated... Tired...and, yes...Hopeful

    I'm disappointed.

    I thought this team had really built some momentum. I thought the defense had turned a corner. I thought the special teams had found a way to avoid the big plays. I was wrong. This year's team simply had too many holes that could not be filled "on the fly." A sad, embarrassing way to end the season.

    I'm frustrated.

    It seems like the same problems that caused the Rams' demise last year are still here, 12 months later. On top of those problems is an offensive line that has been torn apart by injuries and the inability to fill holes with journeymen. I'm also frustrated that the talent that this team does have can't shine because of these problems.

    I'm tired.

    A season like this takes a lot out of you emotionally, and I feel it right now. I could use a pretty long nap.

    And, yes... I'm hopeful.

    There is still hope for this team in the future. There are young players who have talent and are improving who will be with this team next year. And, at least at times, this team has demonstrated some heart. The hope is dim at this moment, but it will come back. It will grow with the signing of free agents and with the draft. This team will be back next year and will be a factor.

    And I'll be here with them.

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    Re: Disappointed... Frustrated... Tired...and, yes...Hopeful

    Well I can definately concur with the first three, however, right now I'm not that hopeful.

    The defense and special teams were just awful tonight. I have come to the realization that Martz will never be overly concerned with special teams, so I don't see that area improving. Maybe the defense can improve, but I have my doubts that it will, with the current coaching and personnel. Quite frankly tonights effort on defense was one of the worst efforts I have seen from the Rams in a playoff game. They were thoroughly dominated.

    To top it all off.......The salary cap situation looks a bit bleak for making much noise during the 2005 free agency period.

    Time will tell.

    All in all - another exciting season from our Rams!!


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    Re: Disappointed... Frustrated... Tired...and, yes...Hopeful

    We'll see.

    Meanwhile, I am hopeful that our "Special Teams" will (have to) improve!

    Atlanta's ST played aggressively, effectively. A much better team tonight than us.

    fftopic: We were so into the game the 1st Qrt! And that INT that Edwards had in his grasp. Aaaaaaargh! What a momentum builder that would have been.

    I too am tired, disappointed. Indeed, 'it's over .... time to rest and regroup. --AvengerRam
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    Re: Disappointed... Frustrated... Tired...and, yes...Hopeful

    No major injuries(that I know of) so it's time to heal and rebuild! :ramlogo:

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    Re: Disappointed... Frustrated... Tired...and, yes...Hopeful

    Nice post Av. I too am hopeful and think we have the ability and potential to set things right next year.

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    Re: Disappointed... Frustrated... Tired...and, yes...Hopeful

    Hey AV, is that our special teams or our defense you have on your sig pic? :king:
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