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Thread: Disappointing loss, but reason for hope

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    Re: Disappointing loss, but reason for hope

    Quote Originally Posted by RedRamage View Post
    Hey guys... Lions fan checking in from

    Now, to start off, I think a big reason that the game was as close as it was can be squarely laid on Stafford and the 3-INTs. The question is if this was just Stafford having a bad game or if it was Fisher game planning against the Lions or if it was the Rams just have a good, opportunistic defense. Now I really don't want this to come off sounding like a "They didn't (almost) beat us, we (almost) beat ourselves" kinda thing, but I really 60-75% of it was Stafford having a bad game. Even when he wasn't throwing INTs he he didn't seem to be accurate at all. Now, to be fair that may have been your defense... time will tell I suppose. And notice even at by best estimate there still is plenty of room for the Rams causing the problems, not just Stafford being off.

    Now that out of the way, I remember, I think it was mid 3rd Qtr and the TV commentators said something like: "We'll have to see if the Young Rams can hang with the Lions through the whole game." It reminded me a lot the Lions a few years back. We had some good young talented guys, but what we didn't have was depth. Our first stringers were close to on par with many of the other teams first stringers, but our 2nd, and 3rd string guys clearly weren't.

    What happened was that we stayed in games, even leading many games, going into the second half. But then as the 3rd Qtr rolled on and flipped to the 4th, our team just sorta ran out of steam. Where before we were keeping games close or even pulling out leads, we just couldn't stay with them. Our 1st stringers had to stay in too much because of the talent drop off. This meant they tired out and just couldn't compete anymore.

    Now of course I'm a Lions fan and know very little about your team. I can't say if this is the same situation that your team is in, but it did seem to be the case yesterday. Some very talented players and you pushed a team that so many thought was much better than yours. But as the game wore on it appeared that the Lions had more energy, a little more juice, and little more left in the tank.

    And *IF* this is the case, you definitely have reason for hope.
    Hey there, and welcome to the board, even if you are a dirty Lions' fan.

    In regards to your feeling that Stafford was having a bad day, I won't say that you're wrong, I mean he's only started what, about 30 games? It is very possible. However, Fisher knows a thing or two about pass defense(having been a successful NFL CB himself) and did nothing but scout teams last year from his couch. I imagine that he watched a good deal of his former assistant's team so he knew Stafford's habits. Further, I think you nailed the opportunistic comment. Both Finnegan and Jenkins are very instinctual players, and Jenkins came out ready to start. His only issue was behavioral. Since joining the Rams, he's apparently been a quick study and a film room buff. I'm unsurprised that we were able to jump some routes.

    That said, I'm sure that Stafford probably did have a bad day in that he may not have held our young secondary to a high regard so he may have tried testing it a bit further than he should have. By the end of the game he made the adjustments and carved us up. Be glad that he has that ability.

    What you say about the Lions and suggest that it may be true about the Rams is exactly correct. Since drafting Sam in 2010, he's been able to drive us to the redzone with consistency, but because of our receivers' issues(where we DON'T stack up talent wise) or his own, we kick FG as opposed to extra points(side note: GET GZ as your fantasy kicker, trust me).

    At the same time, our core players, Long, Laurinaitis, Bartell(now with Raiders), Hall(now with, no one?), and others could definitely stack up against good and below offenses, usually holding them off for the first half. We could go into halftime with a 13-10 lead and be feeling pretty good. As you mention though, and it's exactly as we have seen over and over again, is that by the end of the 3rd quarter, our defense is gassed and our offense is sputtering as usual and it's now 13-24.

    That is why yesterday was a moral victory for me. Because yes, our defense held us in it once again to start. But in crunch time, Sam was able to lead two scoring drives to take the lead in the fourth quarter. Now, your excellent offense then carved up the backend of our defense, and it shows that we need work on our linebacker positioning and our safeties, but we took everything you threw at us and came within moments of taking the upset.

    If and when we meet next year, expect another dogfight, even without relying on those turnovers!
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    I believe!

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    Re: Disappointing loss, but reason for hope

    Every person on this board knew before going into the season that it would be a trying season with the rams to say the least. Just as long as we see improvement on all three phases of the game that is all we can ask for gentlemen. Let's face Sam Bradford has had nothing to work with for all three seasons and he is slowly but surely becoming our version of David Carr. Let's hope that Fisher & Co. can right the ship sooner than later and expedite Bradford's progression as a QB.

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