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    Discussion about trading down out of both 1st round picks.

    Just starting some discussion. I'm not saying we should trade one or both picks away. There's alot of stuff to still be played out. But I am kind of looking at these points.

    1. Lets be honest, most thought we would have two picks in the top 10 for the 2013 NFL Draft. Would we really be getting a good value with what is thought to be available at this point. As of now what are we looking at, two picks between 15 to 32.

    2. The next class of players to be drafted, is there really anyone that you could see setting the world on fire and being an instant game changer between 15 and 32 spots.

    3. I completely trust this staff with making good decisions and picking the right players in rounds 1 for both our picks, so I'll be happy with our picks regardless. But I also trust their decisions in picking solid quality players in the later rounds.

    4. It seems to me there could possibly be some teams wanting to trade up with the Rams since we have two picks and could be flexible. I got a feeling Washington is gonna be pretty good next year, so what do we have to look forward too with next years draft, (another pick in the high twenties????). What do some of your think?

    5. What would be some fair trade options in scenarios with next years draft. Meaning for example. Trade away one of our 1's this year for any willing teams next years #1. but possibly picking up an extra 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th or multiple picks combined for 2013 and 2014.

    Seems like two years ago there were a couple of teams that made a couple of mid round trades, and I slightly remember a couple of teams getting 3 or 4 picks in later years. I mean look at New England, they work that draft board like no other. For a team that always picks in the high 20's they seem to be doing pretty good for themselves. Do any of you see Jeff Fisher and Co. using the New England strategy. I mean we did it last year and scored pretty good, Why not try this again? What do you all think ? Thoughts.....

    I just feel like we should use the RGIII trade to our advantage, and I"m not sure forcing mid to late 1st round players onto our roster this year is gonna solve anything. I'm just not seeing this years draft class as very talented after the top 10 are gone.

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    Re: Discussion about trading down out of both 1st round picks.

    I hate to offer an ambiguous answer, but it really comes down to what player is there at the pick. Fisher and Snead are nothing if not bold in the draft room (apparently), so I'd say they won't reach for possibilities nor bow to conventional wisdom.

    If they don't like what's available at their pick, I'm sure they will have no problem pulling the trade trigger.

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    I think there will be plenty of very good options in the 15-25 range, so I would only consider a trade if it resulted in a windfall. This year's draft may lack elite prospects at the top, but its deep enough to warrant making picks in the latter half of the first round.

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    Re: Discussion about trading down out of both 1st round picks.

    If there's one thing we know about the draft, it is that we know nothing about the draft.

    Without looking it up, I would venture to say that there are just as many Hall-of-Famers drafted after the 15th pick as there are drafted before the 15th pick.

    Regardless of whether that is absolute or not, my point is, there are stars found after the 1st round in every draft.

    That said, I hope the braintrust continue to use the draft strategy they used for this most recent draft. If they do, we'll be fine.

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    Re: Discussion about trading down out of both 1st round picks.

    It comes down to not what the Rams need/want when it comes to "trading down" to pick up more picks, but what the other 32 teams wants/needs. Lets say the Rams pick at 15 and there is a player the Cowgirls want desperately--something like that can happen. But what is coming out of the college ranks that something like that could happen?

    More importantly what do the Rams need first to even consider any trades. If the Rams pick in the top 10, (unlikely) then there is real value in trading down. Likely all the top QBs/RBs/WRs would be gone before the 10th pick. And the Rams have issues like Amendola and Jackson to shore up first...and assuming Fisher and company get on the ball and start talking to other teams free-agents (those not involved in the playoffs), then its a clearer picture as to draft strategies.

    The real work begins for the Rams on December 31st for the 2013 plenty sure the Rams have in mind who they wish to part company with; question is who do they wanta keep and bring in

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