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    Do we have any drafted rookies signed?

    Hope we do not have a repeat of last season. The FO needs to get it's act togther and sign these guys. Like it or not some of these Rookies are going to see plenty of PT.

    Go Rams

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    Re: Do we have any drafted rookies signed?

    Yes we do. We have 7th Round OG Mark Setterstorm from Minnesota signed. We signed him Thursday or Friday.

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    Re: Do we have any drafted rookies signed?

    This is getting seriously worrying, teams are signing rookies left and right and we're apparently still doing nothing! I sure hope they're talking to all the draft picks so they'll announce at least 4-5 signings or so simultaneously REAL soon! It seems to me like the market with the new salary cap raise is becoming rather well defined with so many picks signed by other teams, especially 1st rounders which helps set the standard of pay rookies can expect. We should be able to easily figure out how much 'fair pay' is for our rookies compared to the other draft picks around us that have been signed, so let's get it done! I feel strongly that we need to get as many guys in camp as possible, no matter what you hope at the start of the season, someone *is* going to get injured and a couple of rookies will see serious time on the field this year. The FO is really letting me (and surely a lot of other fans?) down on this, it'll hurt our chances this year unless they start moving.


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