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The statement above surprises me. I am not only a member but I'm the founder of SLAP. I'm also a realist.

Carolina game- Jacksons back to back fumbles cost us the game.
Whiners game- Holt and Dante' Hall cost us the game. We shouldn't have been scrambling down by 1 at the end of that game.
Spot on. A Steven Jackson fumble in Week One cost this team the lead, one which they would never get back. Two turnovers in Week Two against the ***** allowed them to regain the lead on two separate occasions. Yet these losses fall squarely on Linehan. Interesting.

Look, I'm sure there are valid criticisms to make of the head coach from these first two games; I happened to be very critical of his decision to kick a field goal at the end against San Francisco. But ignoring the impact that these critical turnovers played in the outcome of this game and simply choosing to put the loss solely on Linehan's feet for whatever reason just does not jive with what actually happened in those two games.