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    Does Buchanon Trade Open Up Trade Possibility For Rams ?

    When the Houston Texans dealt their #2 and #3 picks Saturday to the Raiders in exchange for cornerback Phil Buchanon, they not only filled a big need for their poor defense, they also made the probablility that they will look hard to trade down from their #13 spot even higher.

    Teams don't like going three rounds without a pick, and no doubt Houston has deals in mind to replenish that first day's picks.

    The Rams have an extra third rounder, acquired for Lamar Gordon, and they would probably be willing to deal their own #3 to move from #19 to #13, in order to be in position to draft safety Thomas Davis, the type impact player their defense sorely lacked last year.

    If a deal does occur, it would probably not happen until they are sure their guy is available, but with both Houston and Carolina holding spots ahead of Cncinnati and New Orleans, the teams expected to look hard at Davis, and both not high enough picks to cost the Rams their second rounder to get a deal done, the scenario for a deal down like last year remains very promising.

    Adding to the positive aspect of a deal is the fact that neither Carolina or Houston is in the Rams division, and even more positive is the relationships the Rams have with both the Panther and Texan organizations.

    Texans VP Tony Wylie is a former PR assistant with the Rams, which is advantageous for the Rams in making a deal with Houston.

    Mike Martz is close friends with Panthers head coach John Fox, who is a former Rams assistant, which also bodes well for the Rams.

    Both Carolina and Houston are looking to add offensive tackles in round one, and if two or three of the top ones are going to be there at #19, a deal could get done.

    Barry Waller - premier writer - Gridiron Gateway
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