JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. Does Jackson really want to be a Ram long term?

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    Does Jackson really want to be a Ram long term?

    Reasons I believe Jackson may not want to be a Ram.
    1. Bad mouthed fans - He bad mouthed the fans at a time when they were not criticizing him.
    2. Money - He might be able to get more from another team.
    3. Marketing - St. Louis is not a big market for making money off the field. He could probably make more in endorsements and marketing himself elswhere.
    4. Ego - He is about himself more so then the average athlete. He could probably get more recognition in bigger markets.

    My concerns about a long term contract for Jackson:
    1. He's a power back: Some of the hits he takes are more direct and have more potential for causing injury then a non power backs IMO.
    2. Running backs careers can go south in a hurry. Alexander, Holmes, etc.
    3. If he is all about the money and gets that big payday will he still perform on the field.
    4. He might not wind up being happy and may try forcing the team into trading him. He has already shown hes vocal about teammates and fans and he is not afraid of trying to force the teams hand.

    Reasons I would like to see them sign him:
    1. He has been a good back.
    2. He still has some upside potential.
    3. We have nothing behind him.

    Ideally I would like to see us have a fall back option. Denver was able to plug several RB's into their system and that helps keep the cost and monetary risk of that position down.

    I would still like to see a deal done but it would need to be reasonable. I can't say today for sure that he is a top 5 back in the NFL and I sure would not want to wager on him being in the top 5 in two years. Its such a risky position talent and health wise. To me the OL makes a good running game as much as RB's makes a good running game. If we have a good OL then we can get by with an average RB. I remember a lot of the stuffs Jackon was having people would atribute to the OL. I some what agree with that theory. However if we had a good OL opening holes couldn't we also run effectively with an average back.
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