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    Re: Does Pre-Season Matter?

    I think Pre-season matters 2 every team

    For a team like the Rams it is extremely important. We have a brand new coaching staff and coaching scheme. So our coaches can see how the players will by against different team not just like practice where its the Rams vs. Rams.

    It also is good for a team like the Patriots whos star player Tom Brady just had surgery. They can see how he progressed.

    Pre-season also helps all coaches see how good there 1st team is. Coming out of training camp it seems like every team is optimistic and every team is going to make the playoffs. We heard so many positives from the Rams coming out of training camp but coming out of the game vs. the Falcons its not the same.

    Pre-season basically gets the players ready for the season too.

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    Re: Does Pre-Season Matter?

    Pre-season is important, however the results arent

    like barronwade said, preseason is important to the team as a way of preparing for the season, and going up against opposition in a real game situation is a good way to prepare. but we shouldnt look into the results, especially when most teams are going through three or four different qbs each game

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    Re: Does Pre-Season Matter?

    Preseason games do not count , however they do matter just as how you practice matters. Players are evaluated based on how they look practicing so when they come together to face an opposing team in the preseason there should be some kind of good looking play if you have truely been looking good in practice. It only makes sense that if weare lacking in talent then we are practicing against less talent so we look worse when we actually play. I know this is true after watching my son's football team practice and then play. We would watch them practice and think how great they looked but then on game day they got hammerd. Many of his teamates showed good effort but they still lost- every single game! This is why it is so important to have great coaches and evaluaters on a staff. Someone who can find , then develope talent and also recognize who actually is best suited on your team to start at the positions. I've been very negative about the Rams but after I actually watched the Atlanta game it wasn't as bad as I first thought. I'm still wondering how a team can go from 4-12 to 13-3 in just one season.

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    Re: Does Pre-Season Matter?

    I myself think I will just wait till the regular season to worry... although I must admit foster, and avery taking hits already isn't good news.. as eluded to The Lions have great pre seasons evry year.. and then I hear my friends over and over again say we're gonna come out of it this year.. Joey harrington had 2 perfect games.. Charles rogers made an amazing catch... Roy Williams is going to give us a stretched field.. and every year by the end of october.. They are drunk and watching cbs istead of the Lion committed Fox.. no one wants 15plays for 15 yards.. I'm guessing the bulk of the plays they will be using and schemes will be different once we begin.

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