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    Doing Research On Spags...

    I was at, looking at the defensive stats of the giants prior to spag's joining the team in 2007.
    - giants were 25th in the leage for total defense!
    - They gave up an average of 342 yards per game

    even our rams were better then that ranking 23, lol

    When Spags arrived...
    - Giants were ranked 7th in the league for total defense, 2007
    - G-Men were ranked 5th in the leage for total defense, 2008

    Clearly, he can make a big impact.
    Hopefully he can do the same for the rams...
    Just thought i'll post this, in case some of you didn't know

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    Re: Doing Research On Spags...

    Did some reseach on SPAGs also, His middle name is JULIO! Interesting!

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    Re: Doing Research On Spags...

    As far as I remember what really was the big difference between the 2006 and 2007 Giants defense was that they were able to get a lot of no name young players to really step up both in the regular season and in the playoffs/superbowl. So it seems that Spags is good at getting the best out of his guys. This was also evident last year. When Strahan retired and Umenyiora good injured I was pretty sure that the Giants D would go tits up. But no they still delivered, very impressive.

    I am so happy that we got Spags, I still have to pinch my self now and then just to be sure that I am not dreaming or that I am just playing a Madden 2009 franchise game where the Rams are winning because the got all the cool players in silly unrealistic trades

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    Re: Doing Research On Spags...

    That was an awesome post....... I knew that he made a difference and I had heard that before on Nfl Network. I can not wait to watch and see what he will do with this team next year. It will be exciting to watch, and the fact that he did it with some players that were not that well known and young sits well with me; as we will bring in some new blood this offseason and it will most likely be some lesser known players and young. I am patiently watching and listening and cannot wait to see the cuts, the combine, free agency and the draft to see what all the experts think. I can not wait for us in clanrams to start predicting how well the rams will do next year. This is so motivating being the only rams fan up here with all of my friends I get picked on alot, but I will always defend them and rub it in their face when they do something well. Besides whenever they get on my case I mention things about Eric Dickenson or Steven Jackson that usually keeps them quiet.....

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