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    ramnut Guest

    dolphins game on tape

    don't suppose any of you rams fans out there can get this game on videotape, uk format though VHS.
    game souned fantastic via internet but there's like seeing the action.

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    I'm sure someone has it on tape, but you need to make a request before the game so someone can think to throw in a tape for you. Sorry, I didn't.

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    dolo9 Guest

    taped game

    I have this game on tape i tape all the games. I can mail it to you. E-mail send an address.

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    I think ramnut will need it as PAL (UK style VHS) unless he has a VCR that can play NTSC ( US style VHS) . Actually ramnut the newer VCR's all play NTSC and are a reasonably priced


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