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    RamsFan16 Guest

    The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    Do you guys sometimes wish that the Rams played outside rather than inside? I mean don't get me wrong I love being "The Greatest Show on Turf" but I sometimes get tired of playing in the dome and would like to be the home team outside sometimes. So all I'm asking is that do you guys sometimes wish we played outside?

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    Re: The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    Totally legit Q, RF16.

    Somewhere in the ClanRam archives (all the way to centuries past), you will find similar inquiries regarding the playing grounds of the NFL. But I always enjoy the topic because it makes me think of days long gone, where the natural turf was green grass and the dirt was sometimes mud.

    In response to your question, yes, I do! I sure we played more often in "real" battle grounds, or as you said, 'outside'.

    But then, this goes for the NFL in general. REALRAMs on REAL EARTH.

    :football: Sure, sometimes the weather is just too much! Rain, snow, fire and freeze. In that sense, football has changed considerably.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    I watched the Rams play on Green grass for 25 years in L.A.and yes I miss it. Except in L.A. it rarely rains,but sometimes it did and The Rams lost more often than not.One particular game against the Vikings that still sticks in my craw.

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    Re: The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    It's St. Louis, not LA. And yes, The Rams should be inside.

    Nevertheless, I still have problem with the new fieldturf on the ED. I know it's better for the players' safety but the field look quite ugly to me. I don't understand why they didn't put more effort decorating the turf. and how come the word St. Louis disappear from the end zone? And please---paint the blue on both EZs.
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    Re: The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    I love the look of outdoor games, especially in the just looks like football. However, this team just seems to play a lot different indoors compared to outdoors.

    Not to mention, we can't even make enough noise to fill an indoor stadium....imagine how quiet it would be if we were outdoors.

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    Thumbs down Re: The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    There's a lot that goes into the decision on stadiums. Unfortunately, team performance is not generally part of the equation. Team owners tend to look for public dollars for new stadiums, and in small to medium markets that mens that the building MUST be a multipurpose location. Not only for multiple sports, but other, year round, events.

    I love outdoor stadiums. I think that football was designed to be played in the elements. I miss the mud-bowls of years gone by.

    As a Rams fan, I remember the years of futility in Minnesota. We'd have to go to their house every year and try to win a playoff game in freezing temperatures. Talk about your home field advantage.

    Maybe more teams will start opting for retractable roof fields. I could deal with that. As long as they let the teams play in the elements.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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    Seehawkrun Guest

    Re: The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    As a Seahawk fan, I remember what it was like playing in our ugly old dome. Hated it. I am much happier to see the home games being played outdoors at qwest field.

    Regarding weather, it has only once ever rained on a Seahawks home game since the stadium was built 3 years ago, and that was 3 weeks ago vs Dallas. Also, it's the reason we play on field turf rather than natural grass. I think there is a slight advantage to home field in this climate where the 'Hawks players are used to cold and drizzly weather, especially against teams from warm climates like Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, etc.

    Although the dome in St. Louis looks a heck of a lot nicer than the old Kingdome was. Never been there to say for sure. How is it?

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: The Dome vs Outside Stadiums?

    Its awesome! I love it I just get tired of being inside. The stadium is beautiful on the inside! ITS HEAVEN. In a non religous way


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