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    Dominque Thompson

    Hello Rams fans.

    I attend the College of William and Mary, and I was hoping I could get an update on our former star, Dominique Thompson. We were all thrilled to see that he got to play and catch a pass last Sunday.

    Has he looked good? Like someone who might be able to hang around for a while?

    To be honest, I had him pegged for the Arena League. He was something else in college, but I didn't see his game translating to the NFL (He dropped quite a few passes, and being fast in D-IAA isn't quite the same thing as being fast in the NFL, particularly for the Rams.)

    Any updates would be appreciated. Go #17!

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    Re: Dominque Thompson

    Well m0sherman...he is bound to get some more play since it appears that Holt and Bruce are out. This is his big chance to show off. Hopefully he is capable.

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    Re: Dominque Thompson

    Welcome to ClanRam, Mosher!

    As Utter mentioned, Dominique is likely to go in and out of the Rams WR lineup this coming game Vs. Jags. He looked good with that completed pass, but it's hard to tell on such limited, minimal production.

    I'm just glad he's here right now and hope he gets some more playing time.

    Thanks for your input.


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