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Thread: Donnie Avery

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    Re: Donnie Avery

    Quote Originally Posted by tpknapp62 View Post
    Its not that i cant spell its that i was excited to reply. Sorry about the grammer
    no worries tp.
    And welcome to the clan!

    by the way, you may notice an edit link below your posts. its a handy tool if you're like me and find you've typed gibberish cuz your brain was faster than your fingers... you can click on it to clean up your post after the fact.

    see you around!

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    Re: Donnie Avery

    Quote Originally Posted by FilthyMcNasty View Post
    Donnie Avery is on my Facebook (that statement probably makes me sound like a proper wanker)....

    Avery can wear arm bands (that's 'water wings' to the yanks), a snorkel, and Al Capone style chocolate & white spats for all I care.

    As long as he breaks a 1,000+. Gets a bucket full of TD's. And, scores a plethora of 'quality' crack backs on OLB's....

    Go Rams...! and Go Oxford Saints! (BAFL)

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    Re: Donnie Avery

    Quote Originally Posted by Alec22 View Post
    ok um not sure how this answers my question persay, buttt last year there was rumbliling on these boards about avery possibly wanting to switch to torrys number if torry didnt come back, so i was just wondering if anyone had heard anything new; i presume not, er go iam not longer worried. Thanks, i guess? haha
    No worries Alec, you posed a question and it started a good discussion that is now in it's second page. Nice job. Believe me, if someone started a thread asking what time it was, a discussion would break out.

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    Re: Donnie Avery

    im a little late here but i hope they (Avery, Burton, and Stanley) dont change their numbers because i like the whole "Teen Squad" name that matches their numbers. generally i dont like low numbers for a WR but it works for them.
    Built RAM tough

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