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    Don't look back and anger...........

    Forgive me while I start this little note with a mangling of the title of an Oasis song, it did seem to be appropriate however in light of some of the reaction that we've seen afer our recent disappointment. I have to say that I'm not particularly pleased right now and was even less pleased this morning. However, the distractions of a working day have taken their toll on me and the many others who share these forums and so I feel it's safe to maybe put an alternative spin on some of these things.

    I'm not traditionally a patient man, not known for it anyway. I was prone to volcanic fits of rage on the football field on occasion, whether things were going my way or not. I'd earned the sobriquet of 'Mr Angry' by my second (Sophomore?) year of college and collected receptions despite my personality rather than because of it.

    Age and common sense mellows you however, and I find myself greeting triumph and disaster much the same these days. I have been prone to the odd outburst on this forum and many others at times, and so I have a lot of sympathy for those whose mood has darkened somewhat of late.

    What puzzles me in the wake of the first two games is the disparity of reaction as far as the D is concerned and the extraordinary lack of patience shown with the O. This has manifested itself as our current D (After ONE game) being hailed on these pages as one of the best Ram D's of all time (We had pretty good ones in the 70's.......and the 'Eagle' D of the late Fritz Shurmur in the late 80's routinely gave Montana a headache) and a lock for a top 5 position this season. As far as the O is concerned, we have seen our posse of top flight receivers being questioned, our Pro-Bowl MVP QB being questioned (Please don't return to the debate about his MVP award, the fact is he got there and was awarded it) and the playcalling of a man who is/was one of the most respected OC's in football.

    All this on the strength of TWO games.

    Not enough people, just not enough.

    There are also people, whose opinion I respect, drawing comparisons between days past and days present.


    It'll only lead to disappointment in the long run. We were present when our team possessed the greatest offensive steamroller in football history. Others can debate it, but for me that's the position it has assumed. We were lucky, damn lucky, but the cost of maintaining that performance ultimately undermined our team, our past HC and our future as a dynasty.

    It's also undermining the attempts of our latest HC to form his own identity. Or at least it will if we let it. Give him a break, it's the least he and the team deserve.

    The pertinent fact for me is that this team has shown enough PROMISE in the first two games to signal that enough of the fundamentals are being observed football-wise for this team to be inherently stronger than it was last season. We don't play turnover lottery, we have a running game, we have a defence to respect and our special teams aren't a big a joke as they have been for the last couple of years. I'll be surprised if we don't win more games than we did last season, but I accept it'll be ugly at times and that I'll be disappointed on a Monday morning more than is ideal.

    I see progress and I see a plan.

    For me that, and a couple more wins than last year will do it. As I've said before worst to first i one season is possible but not to be expected. It's unreasonable to expect anything superlative from this team it's not unreasonable to hope for the superlative.

    I'm still hoping and I hope you all are too.

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    Re: Don't look back and anger...........

    Well said FP, I already gave you rep elsewhere so I can't here even though this post deserves it.

    Patience is the key. Everyone needs to remember that.


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