Hey all how bout trading this pick and Fields or McCleon, for like the 15th or lower picks, that helps up out a little bit more, and trade the other slacker and a third rounder for a number 3 receiver. In the second round if hes there i think we need to get Kittner, I dont feel safe with Martin back there, Kittner can play.

More Names to ponder.....Andre Davis, WR from VT, tall speedy
Jabar Gaffney WR from Florida, we saw what he did to the SEC.

Jeremy Schokey, TE from Miami, not a definite need, but he had talent, could own the league is a couple years

Danial Grahm, TE from Colorado, He could help Marshall on strong-side sweeps

Daunte Stallworth, WR from Miami Speedy. Theres other OL, I'll do a post on them later. Bye All