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    Draft Thoughts 4-22

    Once the Long deal is official and Ok'd by the NFL, then the Rams can start contract negotiations with their guy or guys. That could happen around Thursday, maybe not till Friday. In reality that leaves little time to get a deal done by Saturday anyway.

    About the only thing the Miami deal does is make it more known to teams drafting after the Rams who they will be taking. That means there will be deals being offered already for the #2, since they know no one can deal ahead of them and take their guy.

    Does Atlanta, who covets Glenn Dorsey badly, think it's worth giving the Rams a draft pick, probably a #4 or #3 at best, to help break the t ie between the Rams taking Glenn Dorsey or Chris Long? Maybe the Rams go for the short move and get their need guy plus a pick.

    Oakland will probably be likely to stay at #4, or even move down if Darren McFadden isn't the guy they want. They probably figure Atlanta won't take him if Dorsey is gone, but maybe they will want to make sure they get their guy and also try to make a deal with the Rams, who would st ill know they would end up with Chris Long in the end.

    I really don't see New England with the 7th pick, trying to move up. It just isn't their thing. Maybe the Chiefs are willing, should they acquire extra high picks for Jared Allen. The Ram probably would only be willing to drop to 6th if they like Vernon Golston as much as Long. However, if the RB drops, then he. not Gholston would be left for the Rams.

    There is one other option, for the Rams to drop to 10th and make a deal with New Orleans, who wants Dorsey even worse than the Falcons. That move leaves the Rams out of getting either Long, Dorsey, or Gholston.

    That would mean picking the next best defensive end, either Derrick Harvey or Phillip Merling. Thise two kind of mirror Gholston and Long, with Harvey the better pass rusher, and Merling the bigger, better all around end.

    Is there someone the Rams think they can get at the Saints pick in round two worth giving away Dorsey or Chris Long?

    That's the kind of decision the Rams must make, but also to be taken into consideration, like it or not, is the contracts that #2 will demand, based now on just under what Jake Long receiver, which was $30 million guaranteed on a five year deal.

    If the Rams feel need is the big factor, and they like Harvey or Merling anywhere close to Gholston and Long, maybe they listen to the Saints offer.

    If Dorsey is by far their guy, enough to ignore need, then it's an easy choice, just stay put and get your top guy, who many feel is the best player in the draft.

    Dorsey can't play end, but he can be so disruptive inside that he makes the ends better. Grant Wistrom and Kevin Carter were far better pass rushers when the had D'Marco Farr making big plays inside and collapsing the pocket.

    There could be a decent DE available in round two as well, and situational pass rushers can be had later as well, should the team look O-line with pick #33.
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    Ramer Guest

    Re: Draft Thoughts 4-22

    I just hope we stay were we are at and use our 2nd pick to select Long.

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    Re: Draft Thoughts 4-22

    um actually i like the whole stupid idea of trading the #2 for the #3 pick and getting an extra 3 in the deal, then get long.

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    Re: Draft Thoughts 4-22

    The NFL won't let us negotate with players. They are only letting the first pick do that and no one else. They want to keep the tv ratings up. In reality 6 players could be signed by saturday if the let them sign

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