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    MsWistRAM Guest

    Talking Drumroll please...

    ...this week we have a tie. Two predictions were off by 3, just in opposite directions. Those two are:

    RamDez 42-17
    joeramfan 48-17

    You guys are the bestest and get the bestest hugs.
    This time just a kiss on the cheek since I know the marital status of one but not the other. Sorry, that'll have to do.

    I was surprised that with 3 pages of predictions that we didn't have one that nailed it on the head. Predicting the Packers as the losers was the easy part.

    Runners up in no particular order are: k-platinum 41-19, Crumbwell 42-20, valerius 45-12, RAMSWIN 42-16! Hugs all around!

    Always though, the ultimate winners are the Rams getting that much closer to another pretty ring and the fans for getting to be a part of it all.

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    RAMSWIN Guest
    I guess I can accept an honorable mention for my score but I think I was the only one of the lot that picked a defensive TD . I hate to brag MSWISTRAM but that was the call of the weak!!! I had a Steeler fan tell me last week that the Rams had a "beautiful offense but no defense." I hope he was watching. This defense is not only good, they are simply awesome. It's funny to me how the blame is going to Brett Favre and virtually no credit is given to this D. That's a good thing. The press will continue to talk about our offense this week and neglect our defense. As the Eagles try to find a game plan to stop our offense (like the Packers did), the D will be waiting. I love it!! GO DEFENSE!!!!


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