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    The EJD

    What is the latest on the upgrades to the facility that I remember reading about last year to include new turf? I thought it was supposed to be done this off-season. I really think we need to upgrade to save our players from being hurt.

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    Re: The EJD

    Does anyone know how to do an online petition? I think it would be great to be able to send one to the organization stating:

    We, the international fans of the St. Louis Rams, for the good of the players, and the purity of the game, strongly recommend that the Edward Jones Dome's playing field be changed to a "field turf" type of surface.

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    Re: The EJD

    The initiative to change the turf is kind of hung up. The Sports and Convention Authority has an obligation to spend X number of dollars to keep the facility current. Also, the Authority has an obligation to keep the facility one of the top facilities in the league. So the problem is not money, at least the cost of the Turf is not an issue.

    The Dome acts as a multipurpose facility, hosting conventions, auto shows, boat shows, rodeos, tractor pulls, conventions, the Final Four and so on…..Therefore they need the ability to have a concrete floor to host these events.

    The problem is Field-Turf can not support the requirements for conventions, and miscellaneous events. Further, Field-Turf can not be easily picked up and put down. Apparently it is somewhat labor intensive and takes a fairly long time to install, guess it’s kind of a permanent installation.

    Hence the hang up.

    I did read that there is research underway at a dome facility here in the US to install real grass. Apparently the sod is in extremely large interconnecting trays. They use forklifts to bring the large trays/sod into the dome for games. Then after the games they forklift the trays/sod back outside so it can grow. Not sure how that would work with the St. Louis winter weather, also there’s no good place outside the St. Louis dome to keep the sod.

    Anyone have a solution?

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