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    Electrifying player?

    I was thinking about it after watching the Chiefs game and I was wondering, do the Rams have an electrifying player? SJ39 is a beast but he doesn't really break huge plays anymore, mostly defenses focus on him so much. Amendola is solid but he doesn't break huge plays either. Is Gilyard going to be our electrifying guy?

    The reason I ask is because the Chiefs won that game last night because they have two electrifying players in Jamal Charles and Dexter McCluster who both broke huge plays. Looking at other bottom tier teams the Lions have Best, the browns have Cribbs, I'm not sure about the Bucs. I just wonder if we have one, and if not do we need one?

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    Re: Electrifying player?

    We do not have a clearly identifiable electrifying player at this time. While Steven Jackson is an outstanding football player, "electrifying" is not the adjective I'd use to describe him. Danny Amendola is a winning player who is easy to like but is best suited to 3rd or 4th option on a talented team. And the jury is very much out on Mardy Gilyard, a player who has the potential to be an exciting guy to watch but has no body of work yet from which to judge.

    It is clear the Rams need playmakers. There is no one outside of Steven Jackson that teams must game plan for. This is a star-driven league and we must eventually get some of these guys on the roster to regain our footing as a playoff caliber team.

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    Re: Electrifying player?

    By electrifying, you mean fast/quick..... the answer is no. I think all of our offensive guys are good, but not fast. We need someone that is lightning in a bottle. Is Gilyard really that guy, not really, but I hope he is and was just holding back or something.

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    Re: Electrifying player?

    On offense? No I wouldnt say we have a clearly electrifying player, although I do think Jackson is close enough to one. However if you were talking about the whole team, I would have to argue that Atogwe is a very electrifying player.

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    Re: Electrifying player?

    I think Avery WAS our electrifying player...although hes done for now.

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    Re: Electrifying player?

    it's something we definitely need to look at going forward, particularly a backup running back with the ability to break out with some big runs for us would be very nice. i think amendola is a big-play guy in the return game, but we definitely need to find us a #1 type of receiver as well.

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    Re: Electrifying player?

    Ya know, I was thinking the same thing, and really wishing we would have drafted McCluster or Arenas. I was thinking they were late round picks, like third and fourth rounders. Looked it up, they were both drafted in the second round. Basically what I am getting at is we had too many holes to take a backup running back or nickle corner in the 2nd.

    Sure the Chiefs have just as many holes, but their o line wasn't looking very good either. I would rather have Saffold then McCluster or Best, is what I am trying to say.

    I think Donny could have been our spark plug, still hoping he can in the future, but right now, yes, we are lacking a big play threat. I would be shocked if we don't acquire one or two of them before next year's opener.

    (Cross fingers for V Jax, though its looking less and less like a possibility)

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