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    End of the Game Play Call

    OK, I know there are bigger fish to fry today and unfortunately Mike Martz is "damned if he does, damned if he doesn't" on this one, but......

    When the Rams got the ball with <1:00 to play and then there was an offsides call, which put the ball from the 38 to like the 33 (I think), was anyone here thinking that maybe they should try to pound up a few more yards into solid field goal territory, and then take a few pops into the end zone?

    FYI, I actually was one of those people who was OK with taking the FG in the Carolina playoff game, because when you somehow find yourself in a position to tie a game that you haven't been in for the other entire 59 minutes of the game, I would think you would want to at least tie it up.

    Realizing that football wouldn't be fun to me if the Rams and Mike Martz weren't a go for it type of team, but somehow I was stoked that they were almost in FG territory after that punt and remember thinking that bad things could happen if you try to force this into a TD, when a FG would tie it up. It's not like the defense was getting completely ripped if they had to risk the coin toss.

    Anyway, as for that INT, good teams seem to get luck, and lately the Rams don't seem to get the bounces like they used to, so I'm thinking that says something right there?

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    Re: End of the Game Play Call

    I would have prefered he tried a run or two to gain some position, and then kicked the FG. I don't think we had any business throwing on 1st & 5 from the 33 when we only needed three points to tie.

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    Re: End of the Game Play Call

    Yep, at least one run, maybe two would have been a good idea to try and break a big play or get in field goal range, while keeping the pressure off Bulger and throwing a change-up at the defense.


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