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    Enough to kill most QBs

    Our OL in the second half was not ideal:
    RT Tucker - Was a turnstile early this year at RT
    RG Timmerman - What part of his body is not falling apart.
    C McCollum - Dependable
    LG Turner - Just resigned
    LT Barron - First real action in NFL at LT.

    Most other QB's except maybe Favre and Vick get killed behind a line like this. Thank god for the kids quick feet and mental toughness. I think Bulger would have had a tough time behind this line today because they were getting through the line but Fitz did a good job of moving around. Todays OL was worse then we started the season with when Bulger was being nailed we had Barron in place of Pace and Turner in place of Nutten. Finally we get a QB that can run for his life in Martz system and now Martz maybe leaving.
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    Re: Enough to kill most QBs

    WTF they moved Barron to LT?


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