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    Re: ESPN's On the Clock: St. Louis Rams

    Quote Originally Posted by MauiRam View Post
    That's it exactly - the word If .. The problem is no team knows for sure what it is getting until the player proves himself out -- one way or another. So if a team has a crystal ball that is infallible, then perhaps you are right. Since no one has that crystal ball though, I'd bet on an OT.

    In a side note, I don't agree that Ogden was less important than Lewis. If Ray had not had the good fortune of playing behind the mammoth Tony Siragusa, things might have turned out differently for the Ravens. Jonathan Ogden played on an island and wasn't relying on a person playing in front of him to make his job easier ...

    You've got to be kidding me.

    While Jonathan Ogden was one of the best Tackles of his era and a 1st ballot HOFamer, he was not even close to Ray Lewis's importance on the field for the Ravens.

    And for that matter, I'd argue that Ray Lewis was the single most important player to his team, in the entire NFL over the last decade.

    I doubt Jonathan Ogden would get one vote if you made that a league-wide question.

    Futhermore, the Ravens have won because of stellar defense since their inception, while their offense has been average at best, in any given year.

    So how can you say that any player who's played offense for them has been more important than Ray Lewis. You're right, you can't. Or at least you can't convince anybody who's been paying attention.

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    Re: ESPN's On the Clock: St. Louis Rams

    I believe that the Rams are gonna take a tackle, probably Monroe, because hes safer, and more polished. If it were my choice, I would take Curry. I think he has the tools, to lead a defense for the next 15 seasons. He has something that all the other MLBs dont. Something you dont see in interviews, and conversations. Something you only see on the field. The winers got the leader in Willis, the seahags got theres with tatupu. lets take a chance and try to find ours. I only say this because Alex Barron is a serviceable LT, playing all of the 2007 season only allowing 2 sacks. Hes at least proven at that position. besides hes cheaper then one you would find in the draft. Also this is a contract year for him,so hes gonna perform. Then we take a WR or DT in the 2nd, and and a RT in the 3rd. That closes mose of our needs on the first day. I just dont wanna pass on a talent like his. Especially if he goes to KC, i would regret that every year in the Governers Bowl.

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    Re: ESPN's On the Clock: St. Louis Rams

    Good pro-Curry arguments, Invisible. We cannot go wrong with this LB but I also believe we will make a fine selection if we go with either OTs Monroe or Smith. This is why it should end up being a safe 1st round draft for us.

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