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    At the start of the season I picked, the Green Bay, Colts, and Texans as a yard stick to evaluate the Rams defense against the pass and for the run, Minnisota, and Titans

    Already--with 2 games in the bag, its not looking good. The season isn't over and there is time for a turn around, just dont know how

    Pretty much thought the Ram ground game would be as it is but the passing side looks to be the weak link. Again the O-line seems to be the main issue.

    Question is there a bright spot to at least get the Rams to .500?

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    Re: Evaluations

    The defense is playing really good. They're keeping us in the game. It's time for the offense to make plays. The running game looked really good today. We just need more passing opportunities to win. We did have some good throws. I think Burton will work off of his game this week and step it up. Avery really has no other option but to step it up. The O-line needs to give Bulger more time too. It's getting better though. They are starting to gel a little better.

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    Re: Evaluations

    The defense needs to step it up, They didnt look overly bad, but they didnt look great either. We gave almost no pressure on Jason Campbell today. When we did get to him our guys looked like they were running in slow motion. The secondary looked good, but if our D-line cant produce sacks or pressure kinda makes the unit as a whole look mediocre at best.

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    Re: Evaluations

    Wait... you picked the best defense in the league to measure us up against? Of course we're going to look like crap against them! Why not pick teams that resemble our talent level and use that as a yard stick? Green Bay doesn't even run a 4-3! How about inverting the teams?

    Colts and Texans against the run. Minnesota and Tennessee against the pass? How well do we do then?

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    Re: Evaluations

    For the first time in a long time I don't feel helpless watching are defense play...they aren't great by any means, and the level of qb pressure is a serious issue, but they play hard tackle well and go after the ball when the opportunity arises.

    The offense on the other hand is very difficult to seems like we struggle for every yard, have zero big play potential, and the red zone issues still linger . They did however start to look better as the game went along, and its important to remember that Washington's D is probably in the top third of the league.

    So as much as I would like to pour hope into the season, i know that i must be happy with baby steps and look forward to next year, i think we are taking a few baby steps, but many more are needed.

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    Re: Evaluations

    Next year? shoot I'm thinking we'll win against Green Bay. Watch.

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    Re: Evaluations

    The defense has stepped up to an extent, but the offense is just doing terrible right now. Opposing teams are getting the ball around the 40 or 50 yard line which is unacceptable. The offense just can not drive down the field and are plagued with three and outs. The pass defense and run defense both could use some improvements, of course, but the are no doubt an upgrade from last season.


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