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    Ever play Chess?

    If you think about it football is like a game of Chess. Unlike Chess though where you start with 2 Rooks, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, King/Queen and 8 Pawns, NFL teams don't start a game with all the pieces and your forced to make do with what you got, but the more pieces you have, your chances of winning increase. This year the Rams picked up Knight (Austin), a Rook (Cook), a Kingside Pawn (Long)--add in the defense pickups as long as existing pieces, the Rams have a fuller complement of Chess the question is can Fisher & Co., put it all together and play Chess like Bobby Fischer...LOL!
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    Re: Ever play Chess?

    Yes, the Fischers / Fishers, excellent strategists of castling, one of the ways to use the rooks!

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    Re: Ever play Chess?

    I think so ! Really feel the Staff as done a good job getting our team playing at high levels. Now we have a serous amount of talent this year "young talent" but never the Less very talented players, I feel strongly that the strong talent will over ride the youth of the team as it need last year.

    If we have the talent we have now last year we would have been in the playoffs, except for the pats and bears we were in every game we lost last year

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