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    Everyone discussed last week and confirmed again this week

    Incompetent offensive scheme. Until that gets fixed you are going to see more of the same all week.

    A closed door meeting between Fisher and Schottemheimer should be in the cards. What happened to all that "We are going to open up the play book this year" talk we all heard ?

    It's hard for a defense and the rest of the team to stay focused when you get behind 21/24-0 the last two weeks.

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    Re: Everyone discussed last week and confirmed again this week

    Yeah its getting old now. I agree with you Vanilla: this offense isnt doing anything worth a lick and NOT helping out our D AT ALL. What REALLY frustrates me is, we NEVER CAPITALIZE on turnovers. D gets an int, we go 3-and-out on offense. D gets a sack on 3rd down forcing a punt, we dont drive down the field and methodically break down the defense. D gets a fumble recovery, we dont punish the opposing team for their mistake in their OWN RED ZONE. My goodness man when is this offense going to take off and do some things? WAAAy too many dinks and dunks down to the RB or receiver/TE in the flat. Soo boring and frustrating to watch. And its definitely hard for our defense to play well if we keep going 3-and-out on offense.

    While I like Fisher and Schottenheimer, they arent giving fans much to believe that those days of bad football are completely behind us.

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