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    For everyone talking about the offense

    At the half waypoint we were having a better offensive season then Martz did in his last full year as HC. Last game we had four OL from last years team out with injury. McCollum, Terrell, Timmerman and Pace people always talk about how it takes time for an OL to jell well I am sorry if 1 game with two first time starters (Setterstrom and Goldberg) this year is not enough time to jell. We have one game where we get shut out without our three OL that we have counted on since our Superbowl year. As for this being a talented team they were 6-10 last year and 8-8 the year before that. I don't see where everyone says they are that talented. They are not the superbowl team Martz was given. This team has not been good for a while and now we are in rebuild mode.

    As a fan Martz offense was fun to watch you got to see big plays. It was high-risk high reward. But with that came high turnover ratio which helped lead to the other team scoring more points and having better field position. Even if the other team doesn’t score on an INT they get to kick it away and move you further from the end zone. We used to have to score a lot of points because of a bad D and the style offense we played now we have to score points because of our D only. We take much better control of the ball on offense and Bulger is having one of his best years.
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