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    Excerpts from Mike Sando Chat ..(ESPN Blog)

    Chat with Mike Sando
    Jun 09, 2012

    Drew B (St Louis)
    One of the biggest questions surrounding St. Louis this year is their below caliber core of WRs. With the Rams more than likely keeping Brian Quick, Chris Givens, Danny Amendola and Steve Smith, who fills out the other WR positions? Is there a possibility that Smith gets the ax as well?

    Mike Sando
    (1:08 PM)
    The Rams have pretty good depth at receiver. They have lots of secondary-type receivers. They need a primary-type receiver. That is how I would describe their depth at the position. Smith's health will determine whether he fits as part of the group. Don't forget about Brandon Gibson, Greg Salas and Austin Pettis. Those are additional receivers to keep in mind. I don't trust Danario Alexander's knee to carry him through.

    Bully from Kansas [via mobile]
    Maybe in your next posts, could you give your top ten d-limnemen in the NFCWest? I wonder if the Rams could have two on that list.

    Mike Sando
    (1:13 PM)
    I'm working on something relating to one defensive lineman from the division. Was thinking today about how strong that group is across the division. Justin Smith tops my list. Then I probably go with Calais Campbell, Chris Long, Chris Clemons, Darnell Dockett, Ray McDonald, Brandon Mebane and, what, we're at seven now? I'm not quite ready to throw Robert Quinn in there until we see more from him, but it's fair to project him as likely to join that list this season.

    Ken (Anaheim)
    Hey Mike, I guess the Rams missing out on Blackmon wasn't that bad after all. I know he's a great ball-er, but the rams just don't need another player with off the field problems after all the drafted at least three players with issue already.

    Mike Sando
    (1:14 PM)
    The Rams absolutely dodged one there. Having their first-round pick (and a Top 10 player, no less) blow a .24 percent alcohol reading would have given St. Louis fans yet another reason to roll their eyes at the organization. The history with Leonard Little would be part of any reaction there.

    Les Snead [via mobile]
    Why is everyone thinking that my first round pick of 2012 will be a bust? He's a mammoth of a beast if you ask me!

    Mike Sando
    (1:20 PM)
    False premise. Who thinks Michael Brockers will be a bust? I bet it's a short list. Every pick carries risk. Big defensive linemen certainly do. But you can't get bigger and stronger up front without adding bigger and stronger players up front. Brockers is bigger and appears likely to play stronger than the defensive tackles the Rams have employed recently (most of them, anyway).

    Tevin Broner (North Little Rock)
    I'm nervous about Brian Quick. I hope the Rams don't put a lot of expectations on Quick, like they did with Kendricks. Anyway, who do you think will be the Rams' best WRs this season? What are some reasonable stats for Quick?

    Mike Sando
    (1:32 PM)
    I hear you. Quick figures to need some time. The over-under for receptions might be 35 or 40. That is a guess, but he's going to play extensively and get a chance, at least. The Rams have lots of receiving options, though, so they will not be overly reliant upon Quick. The hype on Kendricks and the expectations for him were legitimate; those things reflected how well he was faring during practices. If Quick fares that well in practices, it's a good sign.

    kevin (CT)
    I really think they rams have upgraded their talent level significantly all while becoming much younger this season. How long do you think it takes Fisher to turn around the Rams woes?
    [*]Mike Sando
    (1:38 PM)
    Their wins will increase right away and probably would have anyway just because the team cannot possibly be less healthy this season. I would think the Rams would improve this season and then challenge more seriously within the division in 2013. They need to hit on these draft picks, though.

    Corey (D.C.)
    How has Chris Givens looked so far? I've read a few of his teammates say he has looked great in no pads.

    Mike Sando
    (1:40 PM)
    Givens has tremendous speed. He's going to look good running in shorts. I trust those observations but read only so much into them under the circumstances. Offensive players should look good playing in shorts

    Corey (D.C.)
    Is Robert Quinn projected to be a full-time player this season?

    Mike Sando
    (1:41 PM)
    Yeah, I think we can assume that based on the team's decision to part ways with James Hall. Quinn becomes the starter and must play across more situations. It's easy to forget that he did not play his final season in college. Then he had no offseason because of the lockout. I think Quinn should make a jump this season.

    Dominic (New York)
    Do you expect the Niners to take the West again this year?

    Mike Sando
    (2:05 PM)
    I think the ***** are justified as favorites, but that their win total will fall some and the division race will be more competitive. The ***** are not a lock in my view.

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    Re: Excerpts from Mike Sando Chat ..(ESPN Blog)

    Is that line from Snead legit? Too funny.

    I sure hope he's not saying Calais Campbell makes the list of NFC West d-linemen before Chris Long.

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    Re: Excerpts from Mike Sando Chat ..(ESPN Blog)

    yeah that was funny lol... a GM with a sense of humor...

    any word on kendricks this season? we really need this guy to be productive for our offense this year.

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