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Thread: Excuses?

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    StRams Guest


    Ok, heres my take on the loss.

    First and foremost...I hated made me sick, especially since we were about 10 yards from tying it up at least.

    Should we ever have been in that position..NO. But alas we were.

    Ok heres my reasons, excuses, rationale...ect.

    1. OVER CONFIDENCE: On the road first game, against a division rival. You can look at this both ways, but I do believe that both teams were up for this game..however, I think its a bit easier to believe that We (the Rams) were a bit over-confident coming in that this should be a win. The 9ers had something to prove...A bit of over achieving perhaps..and a bit of underestimating on our part.

    2. PREPERATION: The 9ers had all sorts of tape to watch on us...basically other then jackson, we havnt changed our stripes year after year..same ole Rams...hard to prepare for, but at least San Fran new what to expect.

    We on the other hand had nothing to prepare for. 1st games of the season are hard like that, becuase you dont know what to expect..Niners are basically a different team then last personel...I think we were at a major disadvantage in that regard.

    3. 3-4 DEFENSE:..This mixed in with the 4-3 at times to keep us off balance stymied(sp) us, and always has...Martz needs to play call better against this...but again (see above) hard to prepare when you dont really know what your opponent is capable of.

    4. SPECIAL TEAMS: Dont know what to say other then...they are poor poor poor. Take away that punt return, and we win..or at the very least its a different ball game.

    Im sure there are other reasons, I dont think any team in the NFL is as bad, or as good as everyone thinks...Circumstances and various other factors combine to equal wins and losses every week. Hopefully this is a wakeup call...we will adjust , we will be better prepared for the Cards...and we will go on to have a good season.

    There were as many +'s as -'s yesterday, and we can hopefully build on those...and work to remedy the bad.

    Common guys, as much as we hate to admit it..Its the 9ers on the road, 1st game...To me it had all the makings of an upset. How many times in the past have we snuck up on the 9ers when we sucked...maybe nmot wins, but gave them hard games.

    I'm going to take this one with a grain of salt...not worried (yet).

    GO RAMS!

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    brhokla Guest

    Re: Excuses?

    Actually, I think it's Coaching! Nolan has your Number it appears. I see the Rams have serious problems with the 3-4 Defense and who would have thought that old man BY would light up the game for 3 Sacks. Thats more sacks then he had all last season at his old DT position. I like Young at DE! Personally, the Niners are not as talent depleted as many might think. They came from the Playoffs in 2002 to then having the WORST coach in the NFL. This alone accounts for extra games being LOST. Then last year majority of the best players on the teams Defense were simply out with injuries. They are now healthy and I don't think the Rams knew what to expect from Nolan. They mixed it up very well. Biggest thing though is the play of the Niners Secondary. Spencer is slowly turning into a great Corner and Pluumer who always seems to get beat was steady. I think the Rams control of the clock was astonishing and I personally can't comprehend how a team can have the ball for like 65% of the time but still not win. The Niners simply played well as they must believe in what Coach Nolan is preaching to them. He has them believing and that alone will account for some wins. I'm just glad to see Dennis the Drunk Erickson GONE!!! YES, Nice game and for the first time in more than a year the Niners are in 1st Place! Nolan is doing a fine job.

    Truthfully though, Nolan beat Martz when he was with the Ravens. He has Martz Number and knows how to play against that spread, fast and scoring machine of an offense. Rams fans, take note that the Niners have a REAL COACH now and will be more competitive than you or anybody else thought. GO *****!!!! Beat that Arse!!!!

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Excuses?

    There's no evidence that we were over-confident. Were we over-confident 2 years ago when we lost to the NYG in the same fashion (6 sacks)?

    It all starts up front.. The old adage has hung around, because it's deadly accurate. IF you can't block people, you're in trouble. That's the first part of the game we have to get straightened out.



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