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    curleyski Guest

    Cool Re: Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!

    yeah i heard many, many times over the radio that the "shocker" game of the day was us beating those cowboys. not once did they mention how we just whipped their butts, it was mostly that dallas didn't come to play, they had injuries, no romo, (was T.O. WHINING)? anything but how well the rams played and nothing about us beating two top teams back to back. steven jackson ran over those cowgirls like they were standing still, just amazing! and donnie avery, get this dude the ball more. i've been down on marc bulger but when things come together he knows how to get it done! it really looks like when the rams are playing like we know they are capable of they are a team to be dealt with and not to be overlooked. what a day for us rams fans, when change happens all things are possible!

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    Re: Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!

    Excuses is the norm when the so called power teams that have written their ticket to the playoffs. It will be surprising to see Jerry Jones dish out all this money for a lousy season ending. So the Rams being under the radar is ok. Buffalo and Tennessee are darn good and they get no love except for they have not faced competition. It's either you're 5-1 or 6-0 or you're not. The media hype is getting ridiculous i agree.

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    Re: Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!

    I don't care if we don't get credit the entire year as long as we continue to win. Let the scribes try to explain their way out of their pre-game favorites losing to our Rams. I hope we keep flying under the radar. Being overlooked, especially with the schedule we have, only works to our advantage. So keep the excuses coming!!

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    Re: Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!

    Rich Eisen was one of the few who gave us credit. I like him.

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    Re: Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!

    SHHH, We don't want the word getting out that the Rams are actually playing good football, next thing you know darth hoodie will have his boys taping our practice

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    Re: Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!

    Surprisingly, one of the few people i heard giving props to the Rams was ............... Terrell Owens!

    He said, "the Rams came out and kicked our butts... Jim Haslett did a good job preparing them...etc" I was pretty surprised, i expected him to say things like how he didn't get the ball enough, instead he showed a little class and acknowledge that they got whooped by a better team that day.

    One more thing, did anyone watch these highlights, NFL Video Galleries on Who was the d-bag dissing the Rams the entire segment? I'm thinking he must have lost a lot of money or was fired by the Rams at some point. He didn't give us any credit at all, even the other guy, "coach", commented on his remark at the end, telling him to give us credit for playing a good game. That guy just rubbed me the wrong way, wondering who he is so i can save myself from listening to his mouth spew crap in the future.

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    Re: Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES!!

    Look its AMERICA's team the so-called experts/broad casters and so-and-so's focus on, despite there being 31 other teams in the NFL. Listening to ESPN-radio on my way back to town, it was 80% coverage why, what and how Dallas got THROTTLED, and only 20% coverage of the why, what and how the Rams won. Well all the "experts/broad casters" can kiss my hairy white (CENSURED)

    Yet again it wasnt the Dallas game to loose, it was the Rams game to win; Guess what, the Rams won it. All I know is the book makers in Vegas are likely pulling their hair out by now.

    With all the money Jerry Jones spent on acquiring talent in an attempt to buy a Super Bowl, whats the excuse? Its not like there is a rash of injuries on their offensive or defensive line. So why couldn't their O-line stop the Rams Defense...or their Defense keep the game close and winnable?

    Any QB, Romo or not, if given enough time can burn any defense--Again where is the excuse? Point is there ISN'T an excuse let alone a REASON.

    NOTE: To Jerry Jones, more the pity your money can collect the top talent throughout the NFL, but a team it doesn't always get you. So how about them Cowboys? Maybe the question ought to be asked about how about that ownership? Perhaps instand of making an expensive (and costly) ego statement, that you let professionals and those that know the game run the show in Dallas; Just a suggestion

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