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    Execution Execution Execution!

    The way I look at it, what separates us from elite teams is the lack of executing in the most crucial of circumstances. It seems as if, since the beginning of last season, the mental errors have cost us multiple games.

    Last week, dropped passes and Bradford's fumble were a few of the key errors that all but locked up the L for the Rams. These few errors spun the game in a 180 and we couldn't recover. If we can just come out and execute the game plan, we have more than enough talent to win games consistently.

    If there's anything that the NFL proves week in and week out, it's that whoever executes the gameplan more efficiently comes out on top. Thats what I love about football. The Ravens can come out Week 1 and stomp the Steelers, only to flop against the Titans a week later. No teams a lock to win any game, even with superior talent.

    The Front Office has fielded a team that, I believe, can win on Any Given Sunday(or Monday). Now its just up to the team to execute the game-plan and keep the unforgivable mistakes at a minimum.

    While i might sound like Captain Obvious, its the truth.
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    Re: Execution Execution Execution!

    I was really, really upset with Bradford's play last week, but after watching the Eagles play AT Atlanta, I feel that Philly is really just very good. Packers, Philly, Saints, Patriots are on a different level.

    So, we can start fresh today and see what we can do with Bradford against an overrated Giants team.

    Vegas has us as a touchdown underdog because we are banged up going on the road.

    I think this is the perfect day for Bradford to throw all over the field. FYI it is a perfect night for football, I am 1 mile from the stadium here in NJ and its 68 with the slightest of breezes.

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    Re: Execution Execution Execution!

    I didn't see any elite team out there. Who doesn't get to the one without scoring better than a stinkin' field goal my grandmother could make? I could describe what the '92 team did out there and you'd think I was talking about this bunch of losers. When's draft day?

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    Re: Execution Execution Execution!

    Another bumbling display of crappy football by the St. Louis Rams. Poor execution, Poor pass-catching, poor run blocking, just plain poor effort by a pathetic football team. FG's instead of Td's.

    Losing was expected, embarrasing themselves on national TV was difficult to watch. This was a game they could have won.

    This year is going to be long....again.
    Restoration complete

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    Re: Execution Execution Execution!

    Looks like you were right. Dumb plays and stupid penalties killed us tonight. Williams has got to know that is a fumble since it was a backwards pass! That changed the game right there.

    If we brought our "A" game tonight Bradford would have had a field day at QB. The Giants couldn't stop the no-huddle and the defense was lights out. Two years ago our "A" game might have kept is in the game for a while against the better teams.

    The mental part of the game (the 43 dropped passes by Salas, the "stand and watch" play by Williams after the fumble, etc...) MUST be fixed... and it had better be fixed this week. If it isn't we are going to be diced up by the Ravens... but if it is I know this team can compete with them.

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